Antihistaminic drugs and antihistamines

Physicians treat allergies, antihistamines are over 50 years. Antihistamines have proven to be effective in preventing allergy symptoms. They are particularly sneezing, itching and rhinorrheas (tıpçası colds or runny nose) is effective against. Nasal obstruction are not very useful, requires the use of other drugs.

Function of antihistamines, mast cells and the effect of histamine a chemical substance that is to prevent bazofillerdeki strong. Components of allergy antibodies on the surface of these cells into the body catches. Each antibody captures allergens small, simple proteins, not as a malicious attackers consider, therefore, gives the sign of mast cells or basophils discharge loads. Thus, the histamine is released along with some other chemical substances. Histamine task is to eliminate allergens. But this process also sneezing, congestion, runny nose or nasal obstruction, such as hives and irritation leads to all sorts of problems.

Histamine is released into the times, tries to make the task of traveling around the whole body. Generally, the cells lining the blood vessels tend. These cells infiltrating the "attackers" of (and also the cells themselves) begin to kill. First, histamine, a histamine receptors to enter cells is connected to the so-called private ports. These points settled in the outer surface of the cells. Key into the lock receiver is placed, such as histamine. Of course, when it comes to allergies, histamine is a good touch you, come see this, your body does not know that.

There is a limit to the amount of histamine into the cells of the body. This limit is reached when all the cell receptors. The receiver continues to search for remaining free of histamine.

Antihistamine is engaged in here. As the name implies, this drug prevents the emergence of the symptoms of allergies by blocking the effect of histamine. Histamine in this same "owes kilit'e uyabilmesine. When you receive an antihistamine drug passes through the digestive system, circulatory system and blood cells of vein clings to them by determining the histamine receptors.

Unlike histamine, antihistamine-resistant cells is to act in any way and therefore does not create a problem. What it does is just a place to be hanged around the cell is occupied. Histamine demirleyecek approaching the port call, antihistamine molecules on the cell receptors have settled, "There is no" sees the sign. Does not find a place to go and find something to do at the end of the dissociates reabsorbed by the body. Mast cells and basophils histamine release to give up on ever being used ascertained. The body would be deceived again, but this time the best hand. Antihistamines in eight of every ten people giving the best results.

The biggest problem after the onset of an allergic reaction to antihistamines many sağlamamasıdır a benefit. Histamine is released salınmaz starts working. When you see symptoms such as colds or hives, histamine already have been replaced by receivers and is put to work. At this stage, antihistamine use, "no place" among the signs of the drug itself would be standing around to attack. Maybe I can be a benefit to small, but it was greatly damaged.

So the key point is the use of antihistamine to take action. Pollen, mold spores in the air or that you know more than once, about half an hour before going outside to take antihistamine most accurate. Thus, the body is given the opportunity to show the effect of histamine drug salmasından ago. Cat or dog is going to visit one to apply the same prevention. Without leaving the house shortly before the use of the drug can greatly reduce the symptoms.

There are mainly two types of antihistamines: non-sedating antihistamines, sedatives and histaminikler. The first group are known since time immemorial, and shows a strong effect, but in 25 percent of users become a cause drowsiness. This is because the effect of the drug in the bloodstream reaches the brain, the show, will slow down some of the basic brain functions. In addition to somnolence or reel indicates that many people are experiencing condensation problems.

Interestingly, a significant portion of the side effects seen in people who can not realize the situation. In a study on the subject, many people do not feel the slightest fatigue or dizziness in fact significantly aksadığı psychomotor functions have been revealed. In this regard, the people who use these drugs is extremely important to take note of warnings. For example, under the effect of these drugs should not use cars or construction equipment is given, the patient himself can not be an excuse to feel good. Antihistamines are not in alcohol-nik. Alcohol soothing calming effect of the drug (sedative) may increase the effect. Fortunately, the use of sedating antihistamines after a short-term state of stupefaction, many people are eliminated.

Among other side effects of sedative antihistamines mouth, nose and eyes are dry. In rare cases, insomnia, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, difficult urination, and can be seen in such situations. Some dimensions kazanabildiğinden serious, these side effects occur, immediately notify your doctor.

Drug manufacturers in the 1980s the "second generation" or sedating antihistamines, known as non-developed a new class of antihistamine. They savuşturmada allergic reaction is not more effective than previous drugs, but there are some other advantages. First of all, become a rare cause drowsiness, because the brain can not enter and clings to the blood vessels and only see their work here. Therefore, non-sedating antihistamines to head steering, use of business machines, people need to concentrate at work or at school are doing does not matter.

This new release of drugs, most of the second feature of the rule as long as possible. The former is not a long-term effects of antihistamines, so you need to be taken 4 or 6 hours. The second-generation drugs that will continue in effect throughout the day. For most people to cast a day or two doses of the drug easier to use. Non-sedating antihistamine nose, eyes or mouth dryness also less likely to turn to.

Does not always work as well. Once the second-generation antihistamines are more expensive. More importantly, they can cause some people serious heart problems. Actual or suspected drug-fenadindir sweat. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that terfenadine, alerjiyle due to diseases unrelated to the patients using other medications and even fatal irregular heart rhythm disturbances can lead to atımlarına. These medications include:

Some antibiotics (erythromycin, clarithromycin and azitro-Can)
Fungicides, including ketoconazole and itraconazole
Ritonavir, indinavir, nelfinavir mesylate saküinavir and AIDS drugs, such as
Sisaprit used in antacid
Blood pressure medicine mibefradil
Fluvoxamine maleate and serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as sertraline
Zileuton asthma medicine

The FDA also should not be taken terfenadine grapefruit juice, artabildiğini effect of the drug in this way, so the reports could be dangerous. While granting approval of this drug by the FDA in 1985, manufacturers in the U.S. market Seldane and Seldane-D (also contains a decongestant) has decided to remove the names put terfenadini sale. Fulfills the same task without risk of fexofenadine and other drugs.

However, similar doubts about the second-generation antihistamines are astemizolle. Some researchers have concluded that this drug can cause the same problems as the previous.

But the sale of this product yet yasaklamamıştır FDA. Check with your doctor uses these drugs are being tedirginseniz.

Our goal is to antihistamines you is not cool. The great part of those who are allergic to this medication is extremely safe and extremely effective against the symptoms of allergies. The important point is that you will use caution at all times against all kinds of drugs. Medicines sometimes reveals unexpected effects. Particular importance to consult your doctor before taking antihistamine situations are as follows:

If you are pregnant or considering pregnancy
Infant breast-feeding
MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitors using depression medications known as
If you have glaucoma or prostate gland growth (in this cases, the second-generation antihistamines are usually preferred)

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