AIDS Aids Disease Symptoms

Characteristics of a Patient with AIDS

Patients younger than 60 years of age.
Homosexual and bisexual men
Intravenous drug
Blood transfusion fields
Hemophilic patients
Those patients AlDS'li sexual intercourse
Children of the above

The symptoms of Aids, Aids Disease Symptoms What are the

How to AIDS, long-lasting fever and significant weight loss, prolonged diarrhea, skin rashes anal sores in the mouth of various locations in a continuous cough, shortness of breath swelling of lymph glands, especially the arms and legs a purple-black spots (Kaposi's sarcoma)

Laboratory Findings

The presence of antibodies against the virus in my blood, AIDS patients
To recognize infections sputum, blood and urine examinations
Extra / biopsy if the suspicion of cancer
Helper T lymphocytes decreased bitch
An increase in anti-T lymphocytes in the blood
Immunological tests of skin disorders

Essentially the same situation is observed in many infectious and viral diseases. At one extreme CR disease, infection, or no secret at the other end is not sick. Viral hepatitis B is a good example of this situation. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world become infected with hepatitis B virus and most of them (75 percent), no patient having no or influenza infection (fatigue, fever, etc.). work with a table. Virus areas category, out of 25 percent, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, become ill, and improves symptoms such as jaundice. 10 per cent after the virus is recovered (carrier). The virus only 1 percent category, out of the fields, starting with jaundice can not migrate disease, liver failure or liver cancer occurring after hepatitis are lost. As we have seen, hepatitis B virus and AIDS virus, the disease rates similar to each other creations. II summarizes the status of the ruler.

Virus and Disease

Contact with the virus incidence (seropositivity) 100%
In moderate disease (ARC) 10%
Severe disease (AIDS) 1%

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