What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a disorder that causes hand and arm pain and numbness. This condition is more common in women but can occur in men. CTS due to overuse of the wrist to get worse.

Carpal tunnel at the wrist formed by the eight small bones and is the gateway of various bonds. Carpal tunnel through the thickness of each of the nine tendons pass around a pencil. The tendons and muscles allow the arm to grab hold of muscle contraction of the finger bones of finger movements is provided. In addition, a portion of the carpal tunnel of the hand in a nerve called the median nerve provides sensation and movement takes place. A healthy wrist tendons, ligaments and work in harmony with the median nerve. But if the expansion of the tunnel structures of the median nerve within the patient remains under pressure in fingers, wrist and arm pain, numbness and tingling feeling. This condition is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Various circumstances can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The main of them:
Tendons inflammation and edema
Wrist fractures and dislocations
Wrist, causing crushing injuries
Rheumatoid arthritis
Thickening of the median nerve
Hypothyroidism (low thyroid gland function)

Using crutches and in a handful of long-term weight bearing, in the form listed.

Carpal tunnel syndrome in one or a few fingers except little finger numbness, tingling, burning, and the most common symptom. Pain and numbness may at any time of day, but often occurs at night and wakes up the patient's sleep. From time to time may be right arm pain, elbow and even shoulder and neck rise up. Squeeze the hand, or keep up to massage may help reduce pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Therapy

CTS, the majority of patients can be treated without surgical operation. Conservative treatment in patients with mild symptoms and signs of the hand and arm resting to avoid activities that include intensifying. In another form of conservative treatment is to use wristband. Vitamin B-6 is possible to create a decline in complaints. Anti-inflammatory painkiller drugs have been tried, but are not located in particularly effective in patients with severe symptoms. An injection of cortisone into the carpal tunnel is another form of treatment. This process has proven efficacy and provides at least short-term relief. If these conservative treatment options are inadequate or very severe symptoms of carpal tunnel release surgical operation to get there way.

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