Low Back Pain | Why is it important?

Low Back Pain

Low back pain, functional impairment and disability in developed countries is recognized as one of the most important reasons. 70% of the population all over the world to spend 90% of low back pain were found in any period of their lives.

Low back pain is 20-30% among all age groups show a frequency and pain seen in 40-50 age group the most. This syndrome developed countries for the treatment of chronic disease ranks second only to heart disease and surgical treatment of the diseases are in fifth place.

The importance of low back pain and working in the industrial sector in particular is emerging in society. Working days due to pain and loss of labor, diagnosis, treatment and the total compensation cost of 16-20 billion dollars per year in countries like the United States concludes. Despite all these serious data, in particular low back pain, tumor, infection, rheumatic diseases are not due to causes such as low back pain syndrome is a benign basis. Low back pain 70-85% after the first acute attack, may recover without any treatment.

However, episodes of acute low back pain in 38% of second attack within a year, and chronic low back pain in 81% of those who develop an acute attack in the same year. The first episode of acute low back pain prevention is important here is the first attack, and equally important learn how to prevent the latter. Because the repetition at the end of pain become chronic and disabled patients with chronic low back pain becomes a whole have shown signs.

Low back pain prevention and protection is the job of an information and education. People recognize the waist, waist to know how much you move, the risk factors leading to low back pain, how effective they are in pain exercises, daily life can be protected from pain, to learn how, despite the long-term low back pain in daily life can be how to keep your skills and how to cope with the pain is required to improve understanding. This type of training for those schools that had low back pain low back in the 1970s was the first time in Sweden.

Low back pain, low back pain in primary care could lead to the prevention or elimination of risk factors in the reduction of the lower level.

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