Causes of Low Back Pain

Risk Factors for Low Back Pain, Lumbar Back Pain

Job-related ones
Those relating to sporting activities
Personal risk factors
Psychological risk factors can be grouped into four major categories.

Job-related risk factors

Occupations that require heavy physical activity and heavy lifting
Continuous bending forward, leaning forward rotation, or turning to jobs that require bending
Car, bus, truck body, such as using occupations exposed to continuous vibration
Occupations that require a static working position

Heavy lifting, heavy lifting, especially the knees straight while it is a serious risk factor. 15 kg or more loads in this position 25 times a day or more were increased 7 times the risk of removal of herniated disc. Bodies in asymmetric lifting, lifting one hand, movements such as lifting objects above waist height increases the risk of low back pain. Upload turning to weight lifting movement of the hands of 5 repeated 20 times in the waist with an extra load exceeds 40 pounds. Research lifting, pushing, pulling movements such as sitting on the work and continuous work, or standing work, frequent bending, turning to jobs that require bending movements, such as low back pain more often indicate. The role of asymmetrical loading on the drive back up to where excessive strain on muscles, increase muscle tension and also have the effect of factors such as muscle fatigue.

Car, bus, truck and other vehicle users of the spine of the person exposed to the normal frequency of 4.5-5 Hz or higher than the frequency and the vibration system of the spine grows and affects the muscle fatigue, and lead to deterioration of the disc. Lifetime exposure to vibration frequency of low back pain with a positive relationship between the length of time were found.

Occupations that require standing or sitting for a long time in the low back muscles as well as increased tension or fatigue and increase the frequency of hernia among the people called gripes cause muscle pain.

Risk factors related to sporting activities

Constitute risk factors for low back pain in amateur sports have been identified. However, football, weightlifting, rowing and wrestling sports professionals is increasing incidence of low back pain.

Personal risk factors:

Gender - Stance
Muscle power
Physically fit
Non-drinking habit

These factors, height, weight and body structure has a strong relationship between low back pain. 40-60 age group the most powerful relationship between age and low back pain and low back pain incidence in women increases with aging. However, disc surgery in men and women no more than 40 years of age are more than twice as. Only 60 degrees between the last forward posture of scoliosis was found to be risk factors for low back pain. Abdominal and back muscles in patients with chronic low back pain is highly prevalent in loss of power. This event occurs due to low back pain. However, waist and back muscles working in the industrial sector in particular is a risk factor reduction in power.

Physical adjustment disorder if the onset of low back pain that is healing in many patients with low back pain, as a result of long-term effects. Smoking is a risk factor in patients with a history of cigarette smoking in the year, more than fifty pack, and this is important if they are persons under the age of 45. Frequent coughing and increased intradiscal pressure effects of smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, and osteo-poroza connected. Smoking, eating on the disk by breaking it makes it more sensitive to external factors. Disruption of feeding on the disc, the more carbon dioxide to accumulate in the blood, nicotine depending on the shrinkage of blood vessels, and calcification of blood vessels linked to changes in blood fluidity.

Psychological risk factors

Due to dissatisfaction with their work, love or appreciation of the work not to be counted among the risk factors for conditions such as low back pain and low back pain research because of the ratio of physicians to apply to the work of these people show that more than twice than lovers. Psychological stress due to low back pain of attention lead to accidents, especially in industry job. Hypochondria, depression and psychological disorders such as anxiety is not the cause of low back pain, concluded that the results are.

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