Low Back Pain How does it occur?

Overview of the spine

Consists of 33 bones called vertebrae spine. The head extends from the base of the coccyx. To support in the form of a cylinder head and the body develops. Around the muscles, ligaments and other tissues wraps. Each has a hole in the spine. This creates holes in the cylinder and the cylinder of a combined spinal cord passes through. Prevent friction between each vertebra and provide the mobility that we call the disc has a soft pillows. This is a herniated disk or neck pillows hernia, or tear occurs in the slip.

Contains 7 vertebrae in the neck. These vertebrae provide a balance between the chest and head.

Has 12 vertebrae in the chest area. These vertebrae provide a balance between waist and head. This creates vertebrae ribs and rib cage muscles, combined, are back in the fifth vertebra. The body's most powerful and hard
vertebrae in this region. Lumbar region is connected to the links between the muscles and vertebrae Lumbar vertebrae. Under the lumbar spine and pelvis.

Low back pain is usually the normal position, holding a vertebrae or a bond depends on the muscle strain. These muscles and ligaments are weak, the spine loses its integrity, which results in pain. Nerves from the spinal cord to all parts of the body disintegrating, low back pain and weakness which can cause problems almost anywhere in the body.
Low back pain, your occupation require weight lifting and moving heavy objects or standing for a long time, caused by sitting or leaning forward. A fall or could be due to unusually heavy exercise. Some of the causes of tension headaches and stress in humans, can lead to back pain. Severe coughing and sneezing can make even low back pain. Overweight people may occur in low back pain in the waist, depending on the load increase.

Low back pain, muscles, joints, bones and connective tissue or an infection may occur due to damage to the immune system depending on the problem. The joint disease may be due to low back pain. Loss of bladder or bowel control, difficulty in moving the legs or numbness in the legs and low back pain in the spinal cord and nerves with karıncalanmayla may be a sign of damage and should be treated urgently.

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