Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)

Tennis elbow, elbow pain in the outer side of the ledge and the precision of a disease characterized by bone.
The upper arm bone called the humerus at the elbow of the arm to the bottom of the ulna bone in between takes. Epicondyle of the humerus bone is called the projection of bone at the bottom. Is called the lateral epicondyle and forearm muscles of some of the beams sticks.

Tennis elbow to the hand and forearm muscles and the removal of more than keeping the wrist straight from the use of a case. These muscles are used over the lateral epicondyle is the point beams to draw a repeater. As a result, beams and edema reaction occurs. Recurrent pain beams creates small tears. Activities that cause tennis elbow tennis and other racket sports, carpentry, machine work, typing with the keyboard for a long time and is putting up knitting.

Symptoms of tennis elbow are:

The outer side of elbow pain and tenderness
Hand and wrist pain during the correction or removal
Lifting heavy objects to increase the pain
When the hand punch, hand during the spin cycle, door handles or grasping an object translating pain
Radiating pain in the upper arm at the elbow or forearm

Tennis Elbow Treatment of Disease

Elbow pain until the ice for 20-30 minutes 3-4 hours for a period of 2-3 days applies.
Has been given a special elbow for tennis elbow. It wraps the elbow and forearm muscles of the elbow, forearm under the painful epicondyle helps prevent capture.
Pain relief, inflammation relieving drugs are administered.
Physical therapy and regular exercise program provides significant benefits.
Cortisone injections may be beneficial around the lateral epicondyle.
Severe cases may require surgery.
Tennis and other racquet sports, and resolution of symptoms up to the elbow caused by repetitive movements of the activities should be avoided. Over the lateral epicondyle to avoid lifting objects, using the palm should be facing up.
Symptoms resolved within 1-2 weeks after starting treatment. However, physical activity should be avoided during this time the situation worsen.

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