Medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow), Arm Pain

Golfer's elbow, elbow pain and sensitivity on the inside ledge of bone is a disease characterized by
The upper arm bone called the humerus at the elbow of the arm between the bottom of the ulna bone in his
takes. Epicondyle of the humerus bone is called the projection of bone at the bottom.
The one on the inside of them is called the medial epicondyle.

Beam function, which is responsible for bending the wrist muscles of the arm medial epicondyle sticks. Golfer's elbow can occur due to overuse of these muscles. Repeated over-used muscles in the region tendons are exposed to a pulling force. As a result, inflammation and small tears in tendons occurs in the pain this causes. Medial epicondylitis commonly seen in people playing golf is also known as golfer's elbow. In addition, those who paddle sports, and carpenters are printed on continuous paper.
The inner side of the elbow, golfer's elbow pain, forearm and hand punch make our pain may spread to the inner edge of the increase is seen in the right.

Golfer Elbow Treatment

Intervals of 3-4 hours until the pain disappears for a period of 20-30 minutes of ice applied to the elbow. If you have swelling in the elbow lever to keep the benefits high. Wrapped with elastic bandage to prevent swelling at the elbow. Golfer can also be used for tennis elbow elbow. In this way, to force the muscles can be avoided painful epicondyle. And pain relieving medications for pain relief and reduces inflammation and speeds up healing. In some patients, injections of cortisone around the same function as the medial epicondyle. The surgical treatment for patients refractory to treatment may be considered.

Pain heals, sports and activities should be avoided until the situation worsen.

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  1. hi, ich habe auch immer Epicondylitis humeri radialis , sprich Tennisarm. Mir haben Dehn├╝bungen sehr geholfen.


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