Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

First we will talk about Arm Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder syndrome, shoulder joint, a condition characterized by pain and limitation of movement. Usually occurs after a blow to the shoulder. Sometimes it can also occur without a clear cause.

Frozen shoulder syndrome shoulder loses its normal ability to move. Removed and taken into hand to back up the arm. Severe pain in his shoulder trying to move the patient needs. Sometimes I also feel a friction.

Diagnosis is confirmed by examination and imaging techniques. Magnetic resonance imaging is helpful in diagnosis. Also called EMG and nerve conduction measures the diagnostic method, also referred to the muscle.

Treatment of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Physical therapy in the treatment of frozen shoulder syndrome is very important. Effectively applied to the shoulder joint movements can be completely returned to normal. Physical therapy with the patient at home for the application of passive and active exercise program exercises are also given. Physical therapy, as well as relieving pain and inflammation drugs are also given. In addition to apply ice pack for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day in benefits.

Frozen shoulder syndrome effectively apply to physical therapy because of severe pain. In this case, low doses of local anesthetic and cortisone injections into the shoulder joint, eliminating pain and patient compliance can be facilitated by physical therapy and exercise program. For this purpose, also carries the sense of the shoulder region of supra scapular nerve can be blocked temporarily or drug given to a catheter placed in neck pain physical therapy can be applied much more effectively. This type of interventional procedures performed under general anesthesia before the development of frozen shoulder is no longer applied to the set-up process.

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