What happens after capture teeth in our mouth?

Various changes in the mouth and jaw bones after tooth is pulled. That loss is not only captured teeth. First drawn to the region do not come enough pressure on the jaw bone melts a little. This is slowly melting it takes a lifetime.

In dentistry, "she searches for tooth," he has a statement. The adjacent teeth pulled teeth leans a little space. Taken against the other teeth in the jaw teeth in contact in this space hangs right. There is a certain order and balance of the teeth and mouth. This bending disrupts this balance sags after a while and starts a chain to the other tooth and jaw problems.

Language and cheeks also fills in those gaps, tooth loss is more rapid and intense than the negative events experienced.

As a result, loss of teeth, jaw and joint problems, tooth decay and gum disease while bending leads to ranges as a result, having a soft tissue and can cause aesthetic problems. A real prosthesis needs to be done immediately built and going to a dentist mouth, teeth and joints, such as tooth pulled . This issue is a practice pirate, cheap works if you try to solve the problems of tooth loss as a result of the larger problems (hepatitis, blood diseases such as AIDS), subtract the invitation. Piracy leave the teeth of songs, lean, jaws, aesthetics, at least in your heart, liver and kidneys maintained.

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