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Missing teeth by a dentist to do the jobs we call the artificial teeth denture.

There are 32 one tooth in our mouth. 1-2 cloves is the lack of other tasks on the teeth, teeth that are installed immediately and the problem will be solved automatically. In particular, the problem does not rear and not visible aesthetics. The patient, unaware of what is happening in his mouth, can manage for years without teeth.

When you lose a tooth in your mouth begin to move. Captured the tooth cavity, next to the teeth, tissues into action.

Taken tooth bone cavity begins to melt. The teeth chewing on the bones of the jaw that surrounds the teeth by means of force applied during the force in this way keeps your bones strong. However, the pressure will not be the same tooth is pulled to this area. Unknown to him, thinking day to day, will dissolve the need for the bone.

There is a promise to dentistry, "she searches for tooth." Immediate neighbors of the tooth leans more accurately captured floating into space. The teeth from the chewing forces in an upright position while it is programmed to transmit to the bone perpendicular to the roots of teeth inclined tilted forces sent to root as it destroys the agreement between the stem and bone. In addition, because of the slope of the relationship between tooth and gum impaired, abnormal gaps occurred. These spaces will be a lot more food and plaque accumulation and tooth decay and gum problems, and thus revealed. Captured in the tooth cavity of the tooth extends the upper neighbor. Focusing on the one hand, teeth, tooth as a result of extending a hand to mouth, completely disrupted the balance of a chain. This imbalance causes the formation of chewing forces in the unstable, so the joints in the load is unbalanced. This also leads to long-term jaw joint problems. Tongue and lips, trying to fill the tooth cavity consisting of a slight growth begins. In addition to swallowed without chewing enough nutritional foods, such as stomach problems, will be the source of many problems affecting the general health.

More immediately pulled the teeth by a dentist is a good dental prosthesis in the mouth as if most of the remaining teeth pulled out as fakes. No one has displaced. But If you try to have a pirate tooth doctor can give yourself more harm than shooting. Pirates do not like to use water while cutting the required shape of your teeth trying to kill your teeth. Hepatitis as a result of his actions, dangerous diseases like AIDS infect you, using quality materials with metals can lead to mouth cancer, even in places. Excellent balance in the mouth and jaw joints because they are unaware of how the entire system of keeping it. Piracy leave the teeth in a dental list.

The remaining tissues in the mouth and teeth for teeth, making prosthetic support tasks are required to take.

Tooth extraction as a result of dedicating half of the prostheses.

Fixed prosthesis: People between the fastening teeth, also known as tooth paste and stuck by the patient is a form of non-removable prosthesis. Utilized in support of the teeth in the mouth intact.

Moving prostheses: Palate, steel palate, palate, with names such as land, also known by the patient's teeth. This is the support of dentures with teeth and mouth tissues meet.

Prosthesis is fixed, will be moving your mouth status, number of teeth in the mouth and teeth will decide the location. For example, all that is taken back molar teeth in the region do not have any teeth, I want a fixed prosthesis can be made. Fixed prosthesis support is needed for the feet. This is a solid foot in your mouth as your teeth fall. If you do not have the space to the right and left foot can be tooth-implant-fixed teeth can not be excluded. Nail is known as a chin implant among the people. He is mainly inserted into the jaw bone, made ​​of titanium tooth roots that mimic parts. A surgically placed in the jawbone. Bone around the implant occurs during a period of about 6 months. Then placed on top of the tooth root made ​​of titanium. Dentistry of the future. If the financial condition, since every time the implant should be your choice.

A wide variety of prosthetic materials used in construction. The most common ingredient of porcelain you hear. Used in fixed and removable prosthesis. Work requires the construction of a joint prosthesis dental technicians. The construction of dental practice dentist prepares the mouth of the patient. Receives and sends the measurement to the laboratory. Dental technicians make the teeth on the models. Mouth of the patient compliance is provided by the dentist again.

A good prosthesis; a good team, a good laboratory, quality materials and patient presents with a patient. All of these elements is missing is difficult to make a successful prosthesis.

Fixed Prostheses

Pasted by a doctor, and stuck-removable prostheses.
Crown (coating)
(screw thread)

Crown: Fixed prostheses. A single tooth that is decayed or broken too much material loss and fill the crown can not be achieved with a solution (coating) is done. Tooth after the tooth cavity is filled with filler material, within certain rules on the prepared coating is reduced and pasted.

Bridge: Tooth extraction is made ​​provided support to the adjacent neighboring teeth. Reduced to the right of the void left teeth, dental implant instead of taken the body, the support of the coating on the teeth bonded binding.

Laminate: In general, the front teeth, the teeth more substance to treat the aesthetic problems in removing the prosthesis. Installing them can think like nails. Porcelain plates are prepared as thin nail. Very little substance in the teeth by removing only the front face of the tooth surface of the bed is prepared and special adhesives strongly adhered to the porcelain leaves. There are expensive, but an aesthetic appearance. Most of this is the type of prosthesis used by the artist's front teeth.

(screw thread): Screw-type teeth implants is mixed. Mimic the root of dental implant is placed into the jawbone piece, screw tooth root of the tooth in the mouth of the screw is inserted into the root of the tooth. This type of prosthesis has been called. Rotten or broken, the more possible, and even covering the root crown has the proper condition, in this case within the root is cleaned, and root canal treatment is done on the coating is done by placing up to half the screw section. Performed by a physician with good quality materials will serve you for many years, so that would be freed from the adjacent teeth are cut.

Fixed prostheses to be used in support of the construction of the prosthesis is prepared by cutting the teeth under anesthesia. (The teeth cutting process is called downsizing.) And you know dental tools are required shape.

The construction of fixed prosthetic considerations:

First, the teeth are calculated by doctors as members. You may disclose the following way. If you have missing teeth in a single cut to the right and left of a bridge in the teeth are prepared. Therefore, such a bridge is 3 members. If you have two missing teeth, and two of them side by side in the space right again, left off. This time the bridge is 4 members, but the lower jaw, two teeth missing and one of them is one of the upper jaw, both in the region one of three members, two bridges, so the teeth will be a total of 6 members. Number of members affects the price of the prosthesis. Fixed prostheses are calculated according to the number of members.

Pirate doctor offices that these prices may fall as much as $ 25 this price is not normally available even if a fixed prosthesis in total costs. Worked in the construction of prosthetic material used for laboratory and quality is very important. Cheap dentures, aesthetic parts broken within a year, wrap, into the darkening teeth. Anti-compliance is not good. This tooth decay, and the remaining under the prosthesis and the prosthesis causes loss of teeth. Please do not try to have market prices well below the replacement. Plan to visit such a teeth prosthesis yaptıracağınıza toothless, you will damage your mouth less. Do not deceive yourself with a prosthesis can not be both very cheap and good quality.

Fixed implant supported teeth are first prepared by cutting under anesthesia. Some rules minimized. During this process, one of the important issues that need to be careful while cutting the use of abundant water, the smell of burnt nose. Used during the cutting and cleaning rotten teeth. These devices are very fast turning female cuts. And because of friction in a heat of considerable interest. End of the cooling water for the same time, the teeth on the other hand is cooled on the one hand is washed. Some pirate doctors do not know the importance of this cooling, just see it as a wash for easy cleaning. However, more heat can cause tooth nerves to die. While filling your teeth, cut during the preparation of anhydrous never Do not allow the environment.

I used to have a tooth talking about the terrible pain, a painful process to come to mind. Nowadays, the preparation phase of the prosthesis, with zero pain, but the patient and the physician tired arduous task. If you have suffered a lot during the cutting seat is not normal. So it is easy to do business is completely painless. Notify the physician about the pain you have taken. Provide anesthetic needle to do it again if necessary. Meanwhile, light bulbs are used for anesthesia usually is not as thought morphine. 4-5 bulb can also be used as needed. What drug are at risk nor the habit of making. During anesthesia, sometimes because of the side branch, or nerve or the anatomical formations of the material used for reasons such as reduction in the effectiveness of adequate anesthesia may not be available due to storage conditions. Anesthesia repeated pain should be discontinued.

Once prepared, the teeth are cut to size based studying molds are removed. Dies by the teeth on the dental technician is prepared. Some reasons such as this time may vary depending on workload. The average take from a week-10 days. More be extended. Worn teeth, a moment ago.

Fixed prosthesis porcelain,zirconium, used substances. The teeth are relatively expensive, but we offer porcelain and zirconium. Ceramic based. Others in the plastic. Need to simulate;plastic plates,melamine plate, porcelain plate is like the porcelain. How do I look bad in a short time is used in plastic plates, color changes, quickly deteriorate over time in the plastic-based prostheses. Plastic, porcelain according to a very porous structure. Micron-level coloration of this pores, abrasion prepare the ground.

Gum is not a good biological compatibility. The advantages of a single inexpensive. Financial status certainly do not prefer. Porcelain is good biological compatibility. Much more aesthetic allows a tooth. Tea, coffee, natural teeth due to poor oral hygiene, how much more colorful porcelain teeth. Whites in the back with a good polishing. However, based on plastic wrap highlighted teeth discoloration.

There are two layers of porcelain teeth. Inner layer is made ​​entirely of metal. The metal acts as a support for the tooth to withstand the forces of chewing. Dental aesthetics and the upper layer of the white-colored porcelain or plastic-based materials, the second is prepared. Zirconium as strong as the metal is a material aesthetic. Zirconium metal is used so the porcelain teeth will result in a more aesthetic. So a little more expensive. In particular aesthetic front teeth is important for you'll get very good results with zirconium. But in the back teeth with porcelain can easily use. Zirconium in less than an advantage by cutting the female to perform. Meanwhile, gold teeth actually the most compatible material. One problem with the aesthetics and rapid depletion.

After the temporary teeth attached to your teeth and is prepared for the measurement of standby mode. Cut teeth that will act as a temporary valve is very important. Both the prosthesis is prepared to cut the pain, the teeth and the dental tissues to protect against germs rise. Construction phase of the provisional denture dentists Pirate by not spend too much pain and will not return until the affected teeth will cause in the future. Temporary and must notify the doctor about. Temporary teeth are cut the most fundamental right of a tooth. This issue is temporary and you do not have you trying to convince a physician to stop and think twice about. (Probably a against piracy.)

Areas may be due to severe pain lasting several days. Teeth and gums were prepared by cutting teeth. External influences pain to drag it normal to have pain severe enough to tissues. If you have within a day or two will be cut.
Immediately after the anesthesia began to take effect from cutting should be a strong painkiller. Too hot, too cold affects the tooth pain after eaten something warm drink.

Areas to get through two or three days after the lifting of sleep at night, engaged in constant pain, is doing slaughtered, the nerves affected tooth for any reason, your face is swollen. Nerves were taken without the channel do not allow such a prosthesis onto the teeth. Complaints of pain in this interrupted showing the teeth, even after a period of time, perhaps a year later, there will again work out the problem. Even if you lose your prosthesis is possible. Responsibilities of his job is certainly a good physician. For example, saying that a bridge to quality and within a year has made ​​you a tooth breaking, breaking, color change has happened in such problems will always make up for failure without any charge. A few years passed these repairs will cost even less, will take care of you.

Created bridge, he pasted teeth do not think it's all over. Do not eat a certain period of time according to the proposal after pasting your doctor. Freezing did not come out of the prosthesis is completed by hand, do not control.

After pasting, severe pain lasted for an hour or two is normal. Be patient to take a pain reliever. Slaughtered with painkillers, although very, very severe pain for half an hour to pass through all the intensity and persist, always seek medical advice. Sometimes it approached very essence of teeth during cutting. Sticking with the intense pressure applied here may have been such a pain. In this case tooth removed under anesthesia, root canal treatment may be needed immediately. I mentioned the pain intensity and pain is normal cut or half an hour is not relieved of pain. This is a special case in no way diminish the pain but I still felt even lighter on physician teeth. Do not fully understand this information to the physician for a possible run to a normal pain in teeth.

Let's say you undergone a tooth. The intervening 5 years, perhaps one or two years after the canal was in extreme pain that requires treatment. Your face is swollen, do not want to be a prosthesis. Antibiotic pain patient you can take one to two weeks but they will come back. It is best to carefully remove the prosthesis without breaking the channel is done. Removing the repairs done has happened again during the small breaks can be installed. Prosthetic stuck and does not return from a very strong top pierced sometimes aching tooth can be done achieved channel. In difficult circumstances will be a channel, but at least you can still use your prosthesis. If Prosthesis, dental treatment can be successful in this one. This decision should give your doctor.

Not even a small height of the prosthesis. Do not try to get used to feeling a little altitude. Maybe you can adapt it to him and give teeth this condition dearly. Higher than normal load gets into the tooth. In the short term may be broken prosthesis. You can throw some more pressure because of Aesthetics. Metal evenings load ride but, this time at the root of the tooth is causing the problem. He forced the female to use. Joint pain and many more for breaking the balance of the mouth can cause trouble. Always ensure that the height be taken. Do not believe the neighbors say the wrong situation again. It does not take seriously if you are a doctor faced with a real physician, first make sure. Physician may be faced with a pirate. Whatever the height, if necessary by going to another doctor move. Sweet doctor in a language you do not want to use the height as you say it very disturbing that the prosthesis. He still does not want to make a correction on this issue, "also intend to relocate to another doctor, you do not have time to say". This is the magic that can make an impact. Cause I did not like dentists never did a thing is a work of another intervention by the doctor.

Meanwhile, in an error when making a prosthetic treatment, while another physician and other physician ever It means they control. Physicians as well as each other's rival in the same region. Did anyone else criticizing usually and spirits. You probably can not make a recommendation better. Make this mistake. Dental treatment of established physicians mutual sympathy, but it is very important to a lot of positive energy. Check it yourself, this positive energy to take out another physician that the biggest loss you will see negative returns. If you go to your doctor if you are not satisfied with the treatment applied, you have lost confidence in the physician and should not do the things you're doing is often a physician to have the right to change physicians. Required to disclose your doctor whether he ever had to pay the costs can easily go to another doctor. These words should not be perceived in terms of the small change problem doctor. For example, if you do not care height, swollen at the bottom of the prosthesis is a way you can think of spend a sleepless night with 3 teeth.

Immediately after the prosthesis is now finished , do not think will not be pain. Cold, warm-up ride, especially in the cold-cut pain is normal for a minute. Tissues of this kind provide until their pain will heal. Hard things to hear when you press on it for a while now pain. Unable to chew for a long time, weakened teeth chewing just do not expect a strong way. Prosthesis height, do not have a big problem concerning the root of tooth support the Lyrics will be up to 10-15 days. Despite the lessening of pain to pass through this time swallowing, or even rises, surely there is a problem contacting your height checked by your doctor.

Especially the missing tooth portion of the prosthesis is filled cavity (the body of the bridge) Food squeezed. Patients of this section, this problem will be solved by older people or think straight. Technical requirement that the regions, made ​​it up to allow for cleaning. Food is compressed by brushing with a toothbrush and clean replacement and the amount of food residue subtract. After a while already, this complaint will be reduced even further.

If the market average of your teeth by making a payment to a doctor that you are sure that you have taken out and there is no pirate, but the teeth, your color, shape, or aesthetically satisfied with the aesthetic concern unless your doctor say. Still, a few weeks using alter the word if you still bother you seek aesthetic status. Even if an implant is provided average esthetic is very easy, but very bad teeth, a very cheap material made ​​with aesthetics in the laboratory is very difficult to ensure. Sometimes the teeth, according to the rules, even if the aesthetic is first inserted yadırgayabilir now can get up to change and therefore an ideal replacement. In such cases, too bad for a week even if you consider use of a prosthesis. Do not decide until you try. Of course, your doctor during this time the full prosthesis. She spoke, smiling with your teeth and do not try to change the aesthetic appears. An ideal implant should have been, considering how, different does not stop smiling or talking to other teeth, dentures are not certain that all the difference in color of the teeth, as well as natural teeth. When you go to make a prosthesis, the first session, your doctor that you are very sensitive about the aesthetics, the expectation was high as she tells the aesthetic prosthesis will behave more sensitive. During rehearsals the color, shape, share your doctor if you have problems. Proposals without distasteful it does not satisfy you specify. The importance of aesthetics for you, so she uses to take the challenge to tell you. The physician will take into account what you think.

As with everything, also has a lifetime of the prosthesis. Examination of prosthesis must also go to your doctor at regular intervals. Gingival recessions, breaks, breaking and puncture must be under control. At least once a year to support the film by taking the teeth should be aware of what is going on under the prosthesis. Any rotten or delayed treatment should be done in a negative situation, such as tingling, the prosthesis removed and must be repeated if necessary. If oral hygiene care and quality, even if you have a prosthesis, removable dentures in the past 15 years should be checked six or even renewed. Quality materials used in the absence of 15 years ago today. Oral hygiene in full, is provided as a regular and accurate, current conditions, adhering to all rules can be used without problems even if the prosthesis for 20 years.

If you have problems, alert your doctor before porcelain teeth grinding. Grinding causes the porcelain to break. The physician is aware of the situation in areas exposed to more force, such as metal, to use, takes various measures.

To summarize: it does not smiling or talking to certain teeth, bite difference replacement are unable to sleep at night is a pain to remove not do your from the cold which lasted a minute and a pain when you press on the strength, low on day to day, your doctor, use good-bye Thank the prosthesis.

Moving Dentures

This is not a fixed prosthesis removable by the patient. By patients teeth and palate, the black palate, hooked teeth, the so-called steel palate prostheses. Prosthetic support takes the teeth and tissues.

Total prosthesis (palatal prosthesis)
Partial denture (steel palate, hooked teeth, etc..)
Precision retained prosthesis (denture adhesive seals snap)

Total prosthesis: the absence of teeth in the mouth at all, as the prosthesis is made ​​of all teeth is called the total prosthesis. All the support in the mouth and jaw bone tissue is taken. Denture adhesive power of saliva into the mouth and taking advantage of the folds of tissues due to the way the clings. Some of the most beloved prosthesis patients remotely. The idea is very attractive in a more dental problem. Some even mistakenly very big mouths to make these prostheses have no qualms about strong teeth. Public land between the palate, palatal teeth, palate names such as pink installed. Used in the quality of the tooth in the mouth and alignment of the prosthesis is very important.

Partial dentures: a few teeth in the mouth with a hook and the support made ​​by the teeth prostheses. Also called the skeletal prosthesis. People between the steel palate, hook tooth is referred to with names such as. Easier and more useful than total prosthesis. Also much easier to get used to.

Precision holders (click denture adhesive seals) as well as support for partial dentures, teeth and tissues is provided. Patients with partial dentures hook, crochet said metal parts of physicians creates an aesthetic problem as. These hooks would be very uncomfortable, especially younger patients. In this case, support the teeth are coated and the coating to unhook precision parts are placed in holder. Hidden track that clings to the teeth with prosthesis. Only you know that you are using hook prosthesis to have disappeared.

Some patients are very wise for some reason, find themselves taking out the mouths of all the teeth palate. Thus, a more teeth, dentures, etc.. will not be troubles. However, total prostheses are not things at all emulate. Is very difficult to get used to occupy the entire palate. Can take months. Bones and teeth in the mouth with saliva stops. Great sneeze, some parts of the play immediately.

After the prosthesis has been inserted as a new tap shoe makes. Places to go shoot the other day must be corrected. This prosthesis, mouth sores and familiarization period for reasons such as tight to take longer.

However, a few teeth in the mouth when we call the skeleton of the total teeth prosthesis according to the wonder of art. There are teeth in the mouth because the chances of getting support. Therefore, like the others do not fidget. How many teeth alışılır sooner. Easier to use. Occupy the entire palate is more than the number of teeth in the form of a tape passes. So much cheaper than the total prosthesis. Sometimes a single tooth prosthesis, the use of even the biggest comfort. Especially strong teeth grind is a very big mistake. Some pirates will persuade dentists dentures patient that the patient will pull all the teeth that there is a greater evil. Not so much the aesthetic of a disadvantage because of the hooks of skeletal prostheses. But the problem is that the snap-adhesive seals (precision holders), known as the prosthesis is dissolved. Hook into the teeth of male and female parts are hidden thanks to teeth. Good material, good laboratory and gives great results with a good dentist. Moving in the most useful prostheses prostheses. In particular I would recommend that young patients are forced to use a prosthesis. If there is a chance the implant retained dentures, this precision will be the savior.

Moving hand prostheses used in a variety of quality materials. Porcelain teeth-especially back teeth are not recommended. Porcelain is very hard palate and jaw bones can lead to melt. Aesthetic porcelain front teeth, back teeth of the plastic is preferable. Very good quality plastic-based material used. Poor quality plastics do not treat them very quickly, more colorful. Wearing prosthetic jaw joint problems because of the size of the losing cause. For many years, and every day use quality materials and good practice making sure prosthesis.

After the prosthesis is inserted can shoot. Do not try to get used to them. Move necessarily going to your doctor. I already get used to, it is difficult, the wounds in an attempt to get used to.

Be patient. Keep your mouth during the day. Do not remove the first few days, at night can withstand. At other times a glass of water into the night should be removed. Even better, they are sold off to private vessels chosen to leave no worse than the images around you are also eliminated. Nights are offended by extracting them to sleep at night after cleaning, but cleaning should be done.

Necessary for tissue recovery process to take off at night. But the morning wearing very difficult to re-cleaning of the mouth may be providing. A visitor who, but a normal life, which is ideal when you do not remove the prosthesis removed and cleaned and scrubbed with soap under running water To evaluate the water. If you have teeth, they must also be brushed in the mouth. More than enough food on this because of prosthetic teeth and plaque accumulate. It's up to the last teeth in your mouth as soon as possible will result in the loss.
I recommend brushing with soap and clean your toothbrush prosthesis. Prosthesis at the top of the toothpaste and polish various abrasives wear over time and accumulate in these regions will cause discoloration or microbes. Some patients suspends bleach, dishwashing or laundry detergents and cleaning work. These substances disrupt the structure of prosthesis. Just clean with soap and brush, to stand with your hands under running water to clean each side of the germs. Where there after mid-day meal of the brush under running water can wash food residue, but by keeping your finger rub. Parts must also clear the brush and soap. Obeying the instructions of the use of denture cleanser tablets are sold in pharmacies and private use. But with abrasive powders containing polishing brush.

Patients between the metal hooks "to hook the female in the" accusation is a very common belief. But this is not true. The female's mouth for several days to remove the prosthesis, tooth brush stroke and a single hook was a principal who ate a lot. Prepare the ground for the attachment hooks Hooks foods, but support the teeth removed on a regular basis and do not create any problems hooks.

Originally large, hard foods. Prosthetic you, until you are familiar with the prosthesis and soft foods to eat less. So prosthesis into the nearest place selling roasted chickpeas run. Wear as soon as you eat chickpeas or determine the quality of the prosthesis. Prosthesis in your mouth, your mouth and allow them time to get used to the prosthesis. Small bites and soft food diet. Over time, switch to other foods.

Using for a while learn how to get your lip prosthesis. Prosthetic less play and better starts chewing. When you open your mouth or talking over , a party pressure to one side, talking all the teeth, there is a problem. Doctor and patient, these problems can be solved in a friendly co-operation. Persists, renewable prosthesis.

This adjustment period, especially can take your week in the total prosthesis 6-8. Skeletal prosthesis is much less than this time, not a 2-3 week. Snap-adhesive seals the implant will adapt much more quickly.

Prostheses and your mouth change over time. Too much weight to give away even the rate of bone infects even the harmony of the prosthesis in your mouth. Comfortable relaxed using food to escape the bottom of prosthesis, wounds do you know that a change has begun in tissues and the prosthesis, in this case, the physician should re-adaptation of increasingly (a process called feeding), feeding be carried prosthesis.

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