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The teeth for various reasons, but most are taken with the patient's insistence. Tooth extraction in dentistry today is the last to be considered, but there is a tendency among the people pulling almost even in a tiny pain. Abscess done, big teeth caries or severe pain should be withdrawal of the teeth is believed to have done. Teeth by filling or root canal treatment is very difficult to persuade by telling the patient recovered. Sometimes they do not convince as a result of the insistence of the patient's stay in the mouth for years, may be attracted to a tooth. Is very difficult for a physician to determine the true gravity Dental. We also recommend you to deliver your teeth easily. If you have to grind out a result that there are points to consider:

1. Shot after shot by the physician instead of cotton or gauze pads placed Bite firmly for 20-25 minutes. This buffer, stopping the bleeding shooting cavity, allows the formation of blood clots is to realize a healthy recovery. If you change the pads often prevents the formation of thrombus. Clot, shooting the gap and the gap will close as a natural buffer for the future filling of the bone structure will make the necessary preparation. Prevent the formation of thrombus or clot considerations to be considered impaired wound healing and begin a painful process.

2. If a non-aspirin pain reliever should get pain after shooting. Aspirin, blood thinners due to the bleeding to start and may interfere with clotting. Numbness started to move, may be severe pain. In this case, pain relievers should be taken immediately. Needle used for anesthesia, pain in the days following the shooting locations, can be painful. These pains usually go away within two days.

3. Capture up to 24 hours after the time of the leak-shaped light bleeding is normal. Do not panic. If heavy bleeding after shooting a clean, sterile cotton pads Bite until half an hour. Bleeding does not break, the same violence persists, consult your doctor. Physicians who can not reach the buffer longer biting try to get the bleeding under control. Buffer change frequently, rinse your mouth with the location shooting induce more bleeding. Despite all this, we mentioned that a very heavy bleeding, leakage, cut-shaped pads and bleeding from a pharmacy or the bulb capsule Get transaminases. Buffer instead of a little dust or a light bulb to put the liquid in the shooting bite firmly. This proposal, a doctor applies unreachable and bleeding a lot. Under normal conditions, your doctor must reach out and try to act according to the recommendations.

4. 24 hours after the shooting, do not smoke, use alcohol. They prevent the formation of the clot break or in a healthy manner. Smoking, your teeth bite position, a very deep drawing and making sucking motion to suppress should drink one or two breaths request. Do not take a very hot and cold foods. Because of this, over the breaking of the clot and the bleeding may start again. After shooting eaten something warm and soft drink.

5. Difficult shooting conditions, the long period of time has occurred a shooting has happened in our 5-10 minutes each hour for 8 hours is useful to you make the application of an external cold. This way you can control the swelling and bruising.

6. Sometimes the stem may break during the shooting. In this case, the root length, instead of shooting, and some doctors will decide according to the conditions of the root exclusion or removal. In this case, the physician should leave the decision of the patients. And 2-3 months after cessation of treatment to be required by the root or root under certain conditions, you may need to be left entirely there. Whatever the root must be removed by moving the logic of physicians, at the expense of ill-treat you, to remove the roots may force the more dangerous consequences. Trust a physician, physician decisions give us in the face of complications.

7. Shooting after the shooting location of your tongue or tamper with any instrumentation, wound healing. Dental, is located in the shooting, which occurred after the bone to remove bone, patients with root thinking, trying to identify. Has been the root doctor will warn you anyway. See your teeth to make sure that after the shooting, but please bring your home to take the cue ball in this microbe. Patients see their roots in unbroken despite their tongues at home, trying to explore the wound healing of bone, thought its root. More informed about this behavior.

8. Shot him in the days following the day will consist of shooting pains and pain relief cut with a slight pain is normal according to the state, but the days following the shooting began, the night of sleep raised, slaughtered despite the pain relievers, such as tooth pulled out the location of the wound becomes infected us with severe pain, clot break, etc.. Tell shooting an event in place, such as abnormal. Seek medical advice in this case, the necessary dressing and treatment should be done. By dressing in the mouth doctor needed antibiotics, pain killers and gargle for oral hygiene when you feel an immediate relief.Pain immediately, but it's very light. Doctors give drugs only sends your headaches may find relief 2-3 days. Dressing for the physician can make a sweet print. Sometimes you do not need dressing, but when you look at the mirror with a tooth inflammatory fluid, pus, and see this big gap in your tongue so you can relax and feel you need dressing. Sometimes a 5-minute dressing relax and spend so painful to get rid of the day 2-3. If severe pain after the shot, your doctor, "If there was dressing in this case more quickly alleviated pain? You know better than the status of my mouth but it is very uncomfortable," by establishing such sentences can warn without breaking it. If necessary, make dressing. "No, it is not necessary, saying," If you a logical explanation, "not necessarily want to dressing,". The purpose of this book conscious patients, but no matter what the mouth, the dentist should give the final decision in each case is different and every problem, you just pirate is sure of.

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