Symptoms and Treatment of a herniated cervical disc

Jam nerve in the neck - the neck Hernia

Reasons to jam the neck nerve

Rupture of a disc herniation in the neck, the neck may occur in the joints disorders such as arthritis or other injuries, such as impact may cause damage by compressing nerves. Older people with age-related changes in the discs and joints can cause nerve compression. The most important cause of nerve damage in the neck hernia in young people. Herniated disc nerve pain by pressure reveals. District as well as the neck may also hernia. That separates the vertebrae discs are considered semi-joint. Gel consistency in the middle of the disc consists of a substance and its surrounding. According to this people who are hard on the outside. Age and exposure to traumatic situations starts to wear this pad. The outer layer gradually thins, after the sudden rupture of a motion to reverse.

the consistency of the inner gel material that tears away from the slide, arm out of the spinal cord, gradually move it to regions or those regions that order prints nerves that sense perception. Thus, it is neck-arm pain and arm numbness, tingling, weakness and sometimes felt.

Symptoms of the neck nerve jam, Neck Hernia Symptoms

The main symptom of nerve in the neck jam arm, neck, chest and / or shoulder pain radiating. Numbness and tingling in the fingers and hands with the muscle weakness may also occur. Other symptoms in the hands of one of the coordination (coordination) loss.

The level at which the nerve level (at the level of which the vertebrae) that, depending on the pain and weakness felt in different regions.

Between C4 and C5 vertebrae nerve (C5 root) gets stuck at the root of neck pain radiating from the shoulders and upper arm occurs. Biceps muscle weakness and sensory loss seen in the shoulder.

Between vertebrae C5 and C6 nerve (C6 root) gets stuck in the neck radiating to the shoulder and the shoulder bone and consists of a pain down the arm towards the outside. Biceps muscle weakness, numbness in the thumb and index finger felt.

Nerve between C6 and C7 vertebrae (C7 root) and the middle finger gets stuck in the neck and shoulder-arm side of radiating pain in the face occurs. Triceps muscle weakness, numbness in hands on his back and felt the middle finger.
Patients put a hand on top of their heads in pain and numbness disappeared specify. Because in this case there is an increased openness between the vertebrae decreases the pressure on the nerve.

Hernia Treatment of Neck, For Neck Pain

Treatment to reduce the pressure on the nerve root and is intended to alleviate the symptoms.

In such cases, as well as drug treatment, first at rest, then physical therapy is applied. Physical therapy, cervical traction (pulling), and neck movements, exercises and other methods to eliminate the pain occurs. Physical therapy techniques developed recently enough not come from the region when the needle (epidural steroid injection) or catheter (epidural lysis) is considered to be drug called thin sondalarla entering. However, recently developed methods of interventional one. Direct heating of the disc with the disc inside the pressure dropped it tries to reach into the electrode. If you are a very severe pressure on the nerve, muscle weakness size as advanced, rupture-nightmare for the engineers to remove part of the disc space or the nerve leaving the spine can be applied to expand the surgical treatment.

Which therapy treatment modalities, then the patient's neck exercises to do on a regular basis and conform to the principles of the neck protection of pain can help prevent common occurrence.

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