Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain, neck problems, injuries, poor posture, excessive stress, therefore wear and tear or disease develops. One or more of these factors leads to a decrease in neck pain and movement capable.


Sports activities, especially in young people leads to the destruction of many neck. Football, start a common cause of the blockage. Shallow water diving, or an object crash in the real hazards on the seabed.


The neck is forced out of the normal ability to move, muscles and ligaments are stretched and torn. This buckling, buckling is similar to the ankle. The neck muscles are tense, even limited mobility can lead to buckling.

This type of injury - known popularly as the whip strokes - usually seen in automobile accidents. Multiplied by the heads of rear passengers in a vehicle swings back (hyperextension) forward toward the body. Head forward, then swings backfire.

Cars of this event when it hits a hard object, the opposite occurs. The body suddenly stopped the head moves forward (hyperflextion). Then the head goes back backfire. The body moves in the other direction the head moves in one direction and ride the whole length of the load.

The victim initially only the lightest feel pain, neck stiffness and pain, but after a few hours (and sometimes hitting arm pain) develops. Reaches the highest level of discomfort a few days, but recover within 1 month. This time period may be very different. Surge forward and backward passes and a good treatment in 3 months with injury, these problems are rarely repeats.

Stop and Emotional Stress

Stopping people is more effective. Poor posture-or overweight, weak abdominal muscles or your back for a long time sitting-out concept of forward curve islendirdiğinde makes your back more towards the back, it pushes forward the balance to ensure the neck.

Job and hobbies require much bending, forward curve of the neck to make kamburlaşmaya and causes.
Why do the majority of the head is very slightly outside the center, the neck becomes stiff and tightens the muscles and create muscle fatigue. If the neck muscles relaxing kasılı, similarly to the head and neck pain occurs.

Single stance improved long-term treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you check your own posture with the wall test. A few centimeters away from the heels with your back flat against a wall to be attached and standing. Should walk on the shoulder and hips to the wall. Should be close to the back of your head against the wall. Hold your jaw, and walk, and then go back to check your position. All day long I try to walk like that.

Sometimes a problem may occur even while you sleep. If you are using a very high yatıyorsanız down pillow you're sleeping position, neck position may be corrupted or bad. One of us has his neck curvature. Fortunately, the situation improves in a few days without the need for medical care.

Business, or family-related concerns caused by stress or anger, sadness or fear in the neck muscles bleaching. In addition, also exacerbate neck injuries.

Recovery takes longer than a person's nervous and tense. Regular relaxation and structural problems, the solution may be necessary for the solution of this problem in the long run.

Wear and Tear

Aklaşır Hair, skin wrinkles formed, there may be changes with age in the cervical spine. Especially moving more areas (from C4-C6) begin to appear between the ages of 40-60 the effects of daily wear and tear.

Yıprandıkça disc narrows, loses elasticity and moisture content. The medical name for this process, the disc degeneration. Increasingly, vertebrae and closer to each other value. Crashed frictions leads to the formation of bony prominences, they are out of nerves and nerve damage progresses into the holes.

Spinal joints also wear out, this is a type of joint inflammation. Joints are trapped in the holes around the tissue swells, and cervical nerves.

Sometimes it breaks your old drive, scroll to the pressure on the nerve root does. This situation is reflected in the arms-usually causes pain and neck-hernia-called disc herniation.

With the correct treatment of cervical pain due to aging and disease usually resolve 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, frequently repeated. But obey the directions of your doctor in connection with the maintenance and exercise less frequently repeated.

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