Arthritis in the neck

That make up the backbone of the neck structures (bone, ligament, muscle) resulting from the degeneration of nerve and vascular disorders, including and related to a clinical entity. Causes of aging, micro traumas poor posture, and genetic factors are thought to be. Neck pain, radiating arm pain, headache, neck stiffness, arm weakness - numbness-burning - itching, weakness in hands - skill decline - numbness - tingling, tinnitus, can cause symptoms such as dizziness and blurred vision. The methods used in the treatment of neck pain due to calcification:

Rest the neck brace
Drug treatment
Injection methods

Role of doctor

The neck problem or to determine, doctor history, physical and neurological examination, radiography and other diagnostic tests for the diagnostic benefit.


Your answers to the questions your doctor's mind, gives important clues about the source of your problem. Do you injured? What were you doing 24-36 hours before the start of pain? Tell your doctor if you have a problem similar to previously was. If so, describe how the treatment was. How to describe what you hear is a pain. Where exactly say that uncomfortable. Always the same place it hurts? Or your shoulders to your face, arms and chest, spreading Does? What often bothers? How long? Which movements are emerging? Which movements to relax? Having your business or a special stress is causing your neck, tell your doctor.


The doctor will look at posture and general physical condition. Three basic movements of the head to see what is causing the pain is provided. The doctor looks at and analyzes the spine.

Neural functions as a pin with your doctor to test your hand and arm muscles in your arms can touch and can hit with reflex attractive. Sometimes, vibration and position senses coordination also be tested.

Special studies

Radiography is usually taken to verify the doctor's diagnosis. Should be drawn in various ways. Blood tests may be requested. Sometimes you may need further investigation.

Advanced diagnostic tests

Sometimes you need further diagnostic tests. Your doctor may request one or more of the following. Some of these may be the doctor's office, computed tomography and MRI, an imaging center or a hospital's radiology department is usually done.

Electromyography and nerve conduction

These tests of nerve impulses is talking to and how quickly shows. They help you find your doctor's neck, which injured nerves ordinated. Nerve injury takes time seen at least 3 weeks after these tests should be done without damaging.

Your doctor may send you to a specialist to do these tests in his office. One or more needles are placed along the path of the arm muscles, nervous. Measures the electrical activity in the wires connected to pins and an indication of an activity is projected. The test takes about half an hour. You can hear the tingling of fine needles.

CT scan

Computer tomography (CT), radiography of the neck by combining computer technology with longitudinal and cross sections of the images. Entered into the CT scanner on a table. This is a painless diagnostic test your physician to see soft tissues such as bones, so the nerves and blood vessels.

MRI scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), graph image is used in various aspects of your neck. MR in the heart of the viewer, into the big magnet. Viewer surrounds you with a harmless magnetic fields and radio signals through your body as a safe and painless. MR imaging soft tissues such as muscles and nerves with the help of the computer display.


In some cases, doctors may recommend myelogram not determine the suspected nerve problem. Nerves from the spinal cord and cervical nerves can not be seen radiography is used to display the painting. Indicate where the pressure on the nerves Graf.

Breaking the vicious cycle of pain

The neck problem is diagnosed once, you and your doctor decide whether your treatment plan. In many cases, the pressure on the neck causes pain, pain leads to muscle spasm, so that a loop occurs. The best way to stopping this cycle and the pressure to resolve the spasm of pain elimination.

There are various approaches to treatment for each of these objectives. Many of the application should be made ​​daily, so the patient to apply at home.

Elimination of the pressure

Neck, perhaps the simplest way to resolve the heavy burden of sleep. Bed rest helps your muscles to collect himself. And what to do with whether or not it time your doctor will tell you. Collar, neck muscles helps to support your head and also reduces the movement of the neck. Your doctor may recommend a cervical collar and neck problems, a new start. When and how much to use in relation to follow your doctor's recommendations. Neck strap, and chin should fit comfortably around your neck should be long enough to support. It may be hot. Men shave as frequently can reduce this irritation.

Traction at home, dampening the burden of neck muscles and discs, to relax. The stress and cramped muscles of the neck in the neural foramina and enlarged blood vessels in the area proposed to go through. Follow your doctor's recommendations about what to use and how to be. Part is attached to withdraw their head slightly forward, not up to deal with directly. Traction at home, the pain resolves, but it takes two to three weeks. The pain increases, call your doctor.

November spasm elimination

His neck muscles that support the sudden, long-lasting and painful involuntary muscle spasms occurs.
Heat is usually a wet towel or a hot water bottle or a shower or bath relaxes muscles and increases circulation, with some applied. However, applied to a very long time, can improve symptoms, make sure to follow your doctor's recommendations. Traction, their efficiency is increased by applying heat before exercise and massage.

Massage, in the neck suggested the acute phase of illness. Your compliance with and helps provide temporary relief. Gently rub your neck for 15 minutes after showering. Use lotion to prevent skin irritation.
Cold also corrects minor muscle spasms and knots. Crushed ice is placed in a plastic bag, wrapped in a towel and applied to the trigger point.

Drug can be given to loosen the muscles.
Sometimes, the so-called trigger point injections are small areas of localized pain.

Exercises to prevent stiffness and relaxes the muscles of the neck stretcher. Folded around your neck and shoulders and a warm wet towel wrap and exercise.

Eliminate more than pain

Also recommended the drug for pain relief. In general, given the analgesic, aspirin, or if necessary, this may be a more powerful painkiller. When you are prompted to be provided or described in more relief measures , your doctor may recommend other treatment.

When your neck hurt

Neck problems may suddenly after an accident. Or, tension, insomnia, and work habits may develop due to the slow and gradual. The good news is that you are not forced to live a painful. Neck exercises can help get rid of feelings of tension or pressure. In addition, a headache and tingling or pain in arms and fingers can. Exercise is often re-corrects the health of the neck and neck discomfort and pain is not a healthy.

Neck exercise program

If the neck is flexible and strong muscles hurt. In addition, due to poor posture reserve incorrectly. Exercise program for improving posture, strengthening the muscles supporting the neck and neck movement by increasing the field to help reduce the hurt. Make your neck healthy and balanced is only 15 minutes 3-5 times a week.

Degree of normal motion

Flexible muscles and joints allows you to move your neck in three main directions. Each degree of movement in one direction of movement unique is the amount that can be normally possible.

Neck exercises to benefit

Exercises will help you relax. They corrects your posture, increase your ability to move and the strengthening of neck muscles. 3-5 times per week, provided that 15 minutes of exercise a day done, you talk about problems and prevent neck pain and possible fixes. Be nice to your neck, so he will be kind to you.

Exercise Tips

Causing pain and discomfort or pain increases with exercise, there for sure. Quiet environment, do the exercise.
Wear comfortable clothes. Remove your shoes.
Listen to your body during exercise is where I feel more firm and focus on him.
Loosen yourself. Do not be nervous.
Please do not hold your breath deep and slow breathing.
Slow movements and stretching, do the twist.
Add other exercises you have learned.

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