Sacroiliac joint

Low back pain in another joint that connects to pelvis bone and pain occurred. Still a pain in the bottom of the waist with a form of hernia. Excessive heavy lifting, sudden bending forward, reverse motion, such as a fall may cause.

Pain in the lower region of the waist, since the forward movement restriction and pain, long-seated pain, the pain occurs in the hip. Plain radiography, CT and MRI can be put to the full.

Treatment of the region's first two-three days, the application of ice and pain relievers are 3-4 times a day. If there is enough physical therapy or injections of cortisone into the joint can be applied with the display.

Spinal cord injury pain

Traffic accidents in our country very much seen in spinal cord injuries, too much can be seen in the same manner. Many patients with spinal cord injuries as a result of these accidents occur due to very severe pain. Spinal cord injuries:
Gunshot wounds,
Traffic accidents,
Depending on the impact threw the sand into this, can develop.

Sacroiliac What are the symptoms?

Symptoms vary according to the injured area. Loss of sensation and paralysis of the legs, urinary and stool incontinence, as well as symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, severe pain occurs in many regions paralyzed.
Imaging methods are used in diagnosis. Flat bone fracture can be seen in the film. MR images can be displayed in the spinal cord injury.

Sacroiliac Pain Therapy

Treatment of the injury and the treatment of pain is different from each other. Injured area must be secured before the surgical interventions. For this purpose, instead put the bones, the tissues surrounding the spinal cord removed. Stroke patients, physical therapy and rehabilitation, then you are more developed form the basis of the patient to return to society again.

The patient re-use in both the bladder and bowels are taken for rehabilitation. Taught specific exercises to prevent contractions of the legs.

Some patients with chronic spinal cord injury is extremely severe and prolonged pain after the show head. In this case, first it tries to be taken to control the pain with medication. Normal pain relievers is not enough. Generally, antidepressants and pain relievers for neural tissue does. Spinal cord does not work when batteries are used painkillers.

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