Sciatic Pain, Low Back Pain Linked to piriformis muscle

The sciatic nerve is called the piriformis muscle in the hip through the right leg goes through. Sciatic nerve compression or inflammation is called sciatica and radiating leg pain in all leads. However, similar findings among the people watched for a herniated disc might be called sciatica.

Piriformis muscle contraction due to heavy lifting or an adverse action, the sciatic nerve as a result of muscle spasm caught in between. Sometimes it can be ko┼čanlarda rapidly downhill.
The pain spreads to the right leg of the hip. There is combustion. Sit down and getting up can be increased. Diagnosis is made ​​by clinical examination. Imaging methods may not always something.


Treatment of the area 2-3 times daily for a period of 10 minutes of ice applied research. Mild cases usually works well and passes. In addition, rest, aspirin-like drugs can be used to reduce inflammation.
November, the developer does piriformis exercises.

These methods did not improve, patients, local anesthetics injected into the piriformis muscle relaxation can be achieved with low-dose cortisone.

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