Pleurisy and Chest Pain

Also known as pleurisy pleurisy. Pulmonary inflammation of the lining and the collection of water. Furnishes the inner side of the chest and pleura surrounds the lungs. This is an inflammation of the membrane and the underlying blisters can occur due to various diseases. Among these pneumonia (pneumonia) income. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs can be invading bacteria or virus. In addition, tuberculosis (TB) is also an important cause of pleurisy. In rare cases of pleurisy causing another disease group, such as lupus, the immune system diseases. Foreign microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in these disorders, called antibodies to fight the substances produced as a result of incorrect coding of the body to attack its own tissues.

Lung tissue from the lung or spread from one place to another collection of water can cause tumors in the lung membrane. Pleurisy causes a sharp pain. This pain is exacerbated by coughing and breath taking. In the event of the collected amount of fluid in the lungs than extinction occurs. In this case, the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange in the life-threatening problems may occur.

Reason is for the treatment of pleurisy. In addition, the collected liquid to a drain or a tube inserted in lung membranes and discharged.

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