Chest Pain Related Lung Diseases

Chest pain that is causing the heart outside the lungs are important organs. Lung diseases often manifest in symptoms other than pain or other symptoms associated with pain is a symptom. Pain associated with lung diseases include:
Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary arterial obstruction, or for any reason one of the branches of the arteries of the lung blood flow occurs due to withdrawal. Blocked by the size of the vessel is a life threatening condition. That may arise in one of the main arteries leading to the lungs may even lead to sudden death of a blockage. Symptoms of sudden onset of severe, sharp chest pain. Chest pain, deep breathing or coughing increases. Other symptoms of shortness of breath, pulmonary embolism, rapid and short breathing, accelerated heartbeat, restlessness and fatigue.

Pulmonary embolism occurs frequently after prolonged inactivity. An example of this long journey by plane and bus. In this case, occurring in veins clot called deep vein thrombosis causes vascular occlusion. Broken pieces of this obstruction to the heart through veins and from there to reach the lungs, causes embolism. Participating in a similar way to tumor cells by following the circulation can cause lung embolism. Also participating in the circulation after surgery, large droplets of fat cells or blood vessels escaping air, amniotic fluid during labor and cesarean blockages can cause lung blood vessels similar to flee. Another cause of fat embolism in a large bone fractures. In the treatment of patients with pulmonary embolism immediately to the hospital. On the one hand initiating treatment for melting of the clot formed on the other hand drugs known as blood thinners to prevent new clots clot is given preventive medications.

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