Vascular Obstruction Affiliated Pain, Chest Pain

One of the first signs of heart congestion outside the circulatory system, other vessels still pain. Vascular occlusion in the patient's pain is due to play a role in stimulating physician.
The veins, arteries, veins and veins that lead to the tissue blood oxygen-carrying blood to heart tissue and blood vessels to be sent to be cleaned away as the lungs are divided into two. Pain of sudden obstruction of the arteries begins. Pain is very severe. Part clogged with obstruction at the bottom of bruising, discoloration, swelling begins. Intervention unless the patient goes gangrenous leg. Congestion may develop slowly due to hardening of the arteries. In such patients, and walk growing, there is a pain decreasing. Especially common in smokers and in men over the age of 40.

Sugar in patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis in particular to develop more easily benefit from such patients. Venous obstruction in the early period of the causes mild pain and fever. The pain is exacerbated with time. Difficult to move the legs for increased movement. With obstructive leg swells. Blood circulation is reduced. This situation leads to exacerbation of the pain further.

Arterial obstruction surgically remove the clot may be considered. Venous obstruction by removing the patient's leg above the rest, alcohol and warm dressing is required.

Vascular effects of nicotine in cigarette smoke are devastating. For many years, a lot of arm and leg veins, especially in smokers appears evident destruction. Pain is one of the most important findings. The patients walked for a long time, especially when the leg pain occurs. The patient needs to hear the rest. The most amount of pain soles of the feet and calf.
In the following periods, the hands and feet toes tingling, numbness sensation develops. Smoking cessation is markedly reduced with the patient's complaints. If you continue to smoke up until the discontinuation arm and leg gangrene and changes occur.

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