Low Back Pain Study

Low back pain spine structure and tasks of education is very important to know. The axis of the body movements of the pelvic bones of the spine creates and body weight passes through the side down. Spinal motion units (functional units) is composed of two vertebrae and standing on top of a moving unit with joints between them, the disc, with the bonds formed joint capsules. Move the front part of the load-bearing units and as to absorb shocks, the rear section of the nerve tissue has the task of routing protection and movement. Disks in the gel is located between two adjacent vertebrae in a similar fluid-filled elastic structures and allow you to act with backbones. Internal pressure of the surrounding vineyards, such as vertebrae or discs separated from each other keeps the tense situation. Disc contains fluid at birth and 88% to 80% of falls with aging. In the process of aging, mechanical shock, depending on the disc functions begin to deteriorate. This distortion, called vertebrae, and vertebrae facet joint that holds the joints leads to calcification. Bonds holding together the vertebrae begin to deteriorate. Finally, these structures become pain sensitive nerves and back pain begins. As can be seen is not due to hernia of lumbar back pain. Therefore, the structure of each individual must be explored.

Repetitions Prevention of Low Back Pain

Re-emergence of pain education is essential in the prevention of low back pain. Patients are trained to a large extent can be avoided if the re-emergence of low back pain. To this end:

1. Ensuring sufficient flexibility in low back soft tissue
2. All the muscles to function again to obtain sufficient power Belin
3. Permanent protection of the teaching of proper posture and activities of daily living
4. Activities of daily living without forcing his waist, bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, turning and sitting movements will be made ​​to teach how to
5. All contribute to low back pain, psychosocial, vocational, and personal research and the elimination of emotional factors.

Prevention of repetition of the above five principles and the rule of low back pain before their first episode of pain can be avoided by ensuring that the emergence of low back pain. In particular the implementation of the first three rules you must teach the patient exercises.

Ensuring proper standing posture of the spine in patients with neck, back and waist to minimize slopes, their center of gravity must be at least a distance. In particular the increase in the slope cases of low back pain abdominal and hip muscles during standing compressions are taught to people. Center of gravity position of the head, neck correction along with the provision on the cessation of the slope gradient decreases.

Do not stay smooth because of the patient, such as pain and congenital scoliosis may be due to some family habits, professional positions, or may be due to emotional situations and their individual review and correction is required. During the person's daily living activities, protection of normal posture throughout the day in teaching is essential. Posture correction can reduce muscle origin such as low back pain, muscle and ties in back makes it more resistant to sudden shock and acute low back pain, seizures can be prevented.

Providing all the muscle power Belin Increasing Function

Repetitions in the prevention of low back pain low back function for optimization and it is necessary to strengthen all muscles involved in this function. The need to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Because the abdominal muscles act as an air cushion that reduces pressure in the lumbar region.

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