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Low back pain exercises are an important part of rehabilitation initiatives. Exercise, sports, at least in the form of walking, increasing the person's general compliance with the reproduction of the energy production potential and mitigate the risk of sudden heavy physical activities provide strain. Exercise the muscles and ligaments to provide increased flexibility is also useful in the prevention of an attack of low back pain first. As a result of compliance with the increase in physical exercise has a direct connection between the pain reduction.
Effects of low back pain exercises are listed below:

Relieve pain
Strengthen weak muscles
Tissues around the vertebrae to reduce the mechanical charging
General physical adaptation to avoid being forced by increasing the potential
Correct posture
Increase the mobility of vertebrae

Changed its behavior in patients with low back pain research in exercise, bone, ligament and muscle strength increases, suggest that the articular cartilage and disc nutrition.
Low Back Pain Exercises grouped into three main
Animating exercises
Strengthening exercises
Stretching exercises

Apart from that physical exercise increases the need for compliance with preventive as well as back pain at any time during the recovery period is recommended. What is important here to examine the individual doctor's muscles, posture and weak muscles to strengthen monitoring of the short is that the muscle stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are among the best period of 15-120 seconds. This exercise is also effective for long-lasting muscle spasms. Stretching a result, elongation of the muscle with blood flow to the muscle cell, muscle cell, leading to an increase in capillary blood vessels and increases blood supply expansion is, oxygen to the muscles of income. Strengthening exercises, the loss of fitness, especially developing chronic low back pain are effective. Strengthening exercises to overload the muscle contraction alone, instead of loads of different exercises against the resistance of recurrent be more useful.

This exercise should be given to the functional exercise. These people worked in the media to do the body movements are taken into consideration. For example, a continuous function, such as heavy lifting, bending exercises such as those increasingly used in weight lifting boxes. To have a continuous exercise for the waist to make a healthy person, a good body mechanics to develop a balanced posture required continuous protection. For this reason, exercises to eliminate pain, restore normal function and overall harmony of the exercises that increase can be divided into three specific groups. Exercises, the pain resolves on its back to work forward to getting up, lying face down exercises, such as back to work to get up. In addition, in order to restore the function and hip muscles in the calf muscles, stretching, sitting and lying down side is given rotational exercises. Exercises to improve general compliance with the walking and swimming.

Low Back Pain Low Back Schools event

The aim of the school to give people basic information about low back waist, what to do to have a healthy waist to teach, to take the responsibility to ensure, which mechanisms have evolved to explain, waist to maintain their daily lives to teach how to do the movements. Although education in schools based on low back exercise program given to persons at each school, how to correct posture and proper posture describes how protected. Born in Sweden in the 1960s before the idea of back school and these schools before the 1970s in Europe and then spread throughout the world. In these schools, the education, patients learn to approach the problem positively, given the wrong information and relaxation methods with the same training exercises to improve mobility and power will willingly becomes. Education program in schools, there should be a waist of the following topics:

Simple anatomy of the waist region
A simple application of body mechanics
Work and rest periods for the protection of proper posture visual education
Ergonomic recommendations and discussion
Prevention methods

Education programs in schools around the world rely mainly taking the above issues, but every back school model of education on the importance of issues and lessons gained weight varies. These differences in the duration of the school curriculum and the school, changes in the properties of the people who make it difficult to interpret the results of research on the efficacy of the schools.
The following article can be summarized in four schools, the success of Waist:
Improving the physical capacity
Business conditions are becoming physically able to cope.
Psychological status and correction of chronic pain, depression, failure, together with the reduction in
Increase the flexibility of the waist, low back pain by teaching the principles of protection to prevent repeated repetitions of a lighter or be passed to provide
Specific actions, the prevention of low back pain

Removing Objects

1. Think and plan before lifting.
2. Guess the weight of the object to remove.
3. Never lift a heavy object.
4. Protect your knees bent and lean on the bending curvature of the object waist.
5. Keep the load close to you as possible.
6. Keep your back arched lift your head first.
7. If you need to return, not your body, your feet go.
8. Never pull or your back rotate objects.
9. While maintaining the flexibility to place the burden of your waist.
Standing and walking
Standing for a long time working status in the workplace:
Low back pain when you start your business go again, avoid constant region. From time to time, use your arms as support trunk. At least one foot below the height of a sheep.


Try to stand straight waist. Use a footstool to relieve trying to stand. Bend forward without bending your knees. Waist-high heels for women less than moderate force.
Standing posture and gait
Facing your back against the wall, heels and let your shoulders touch the wall. All the spine to the wall Try to bend. Shortly after the walk through this exercise.
Body weight while walking on foot, not your fingers, be sure to carry on as normal heels.

Seating position

Choose a chair or sofa, preferably armed. You keep your knees above your hips to a sitting position preference. Set in a comfortable position until you get in the car seat. This often-120o'dir 100o. Support your back a little pillow.

Daily waist protection jobs

Exercises are planned to help waist. Among those seen your doctor to recommend you do the following exercises cause pain if and immediately notify. Initially, do once a day and repeat 5 times in each movement. Repeat every few days. Again increased the number does not match a few days and make the point repeats 10 times 2 times a day every movement. Move up to 5 position, Mr. (5 seconds) in case of loosening up to 10 count (10 seconds).
Low back exercises
Relaxation exercises

Your waist straight, knees bent, leaning against the floor as hard bases yacht somewhere. If you want to put the pillow under your knees. Take a deep breath and feel your stomach inflate. While a deep breath, push your stomach muscles and back and your butt down. Get your mouth and breathing without breath after each whole body relax.
Repeat movement 5 times. Low back pain during the day to reduce your 10-minute rest periods.

Measured relaxation exercise

Lying on your back, put pillows under your feet 2 or 3 rest in this way. In this way for at least 10 minutes a day of rest. Note: This form of admission for legs.

Strap exercise

Hang yourself with your arms hanging down and no-body muscles relax. Finally carefully and get off.

Mobilization exercises

4 feet on the ground in case of a hard stop. First proposed by tilting your head back slightly and lift your back. Your elbows straight and palms are to be in place fully. Then lift up your head slightly back and your back bend. Repeat movement 5 times.
Sliding motion on the hip

Sit on a low table or stool. Turn right before your back, then release and repeat this exercise. The most appropriate and comfortable position for you, when you try to find exercise.

Shoulder-waist exercise
Lie on your back on a flat surface. Have your back to touch the ground completely, then gently lift your hips and your back ground. Repeat the same movement in the opposite direction as a whole. This exercise should be completely painless and a very low level of muscle strength should be used.
Stretching exercises to strengthen
Partial verification

A flat on the floor, knees bent and your feet Lie on the floor based. Your jaw muscles in the chest and abdomen using the dosing area gently lift your head and shoulders. In the meantime, working the abdominal muscles, neck muscles must make sure rest. Do not hold your breath during exercise. Later, lying on her back relax.

Both knee chest

On your back, knees bent and your feet Lie on the floor based. Grasp your knees with your hands and pull it toward your chest as pain permitted. Do not lift your head and returning to the starting position during this exercise, extend your legs straight.

Spinal muscle strengthening exercise

I get and up your jaw forward, pulling your belly inward, extend your body, try picking up your feet. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Out-stretching exercise

Standing up against the wall in the back. Broke his hip, knees, two hands slowly to the edge of an adjacent slide down yourself. Do not cut the theme of doing this exercise with your back wall. Then you complete the exercise by sliding upward.

Running back muscle strengthening exercises

Lie down. Place both hands under your shoulders into position to suppress. Elbows and upper body up to half of the increase permitted by the pain. In doing so, keeping your hips and waist and let your legs loose. Then again, meandering down your elbows to return to the starting position.
Principles described in the following pages, a variety of low back care. Basic principles listed in the following format:

1. Try to maintain the normal curvature of the waist.
2. Plan your movements in advance.
3. Do not force your back, ask for help when needed.
4. Do not be in the same situation for a long time.
5. Lean on a large area of standing or lifting loads.
6. Not to return to your feet.
7. Keep your abdominal muscles tight daily movements, or load lifting.
8. Load lifting or load carrying, hold objects close to you.
9. Not lift with your legs.
10. If in doubt, consult your doctor on any topic.
Understands the principles of the above and use the waist-day movements reduce stress and speed up the healing process.

These guidelines make it difficult for your situation, you understand the worse forms of movement, pain without increasing the options will allow you to do many everyday movements. One of the basic rules of being a healthy spine, the curvature of your waist is continuing in a balanced manner. This is one of the curves flattens or increases the curvature of the whole lumbar spine balance is disrupted and overloaded.
Should be noted that many problems arise as a result of a simple accident. Pain may occur as a result of a sudden bending or lifting. However, consists of a combination of many factors.

i. Poor posture
ii. Body imbalance
iii. Stressful living and work habits
iv. Decreased flexibility
v. Physical adaptation occurs as a result of general decline.

With few exceptions, months or even years of back problems occur as a result of the load on the spine. These factors are at work or at home during the accumulation creates movements. Therefore, movements must be made ​​deliberately. You make your movement as a continuous and conscious if you keep under control in both the shorter the healing process as well as the possibility to come face to face with low back pain will be reduced again.


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