Chest Pain

Pain in patients with chest pain are among the most unsettling. Chest pain is a factor in a first-come to mind of a patient suffering from heart disease. However, 90% of chest pain does not occur, depending on the heart. Also detected in patients with normal cardiac examinations. Chest muscles, chest pains caused by rheumatic diseases are common. In addition, the rib cage during traffic accidents, and severe pain from the blows on the chest muscles can lead to the development of sensitive points.

In the same way as a result of broken ribs, a blow so severe, even after boiling, give the name of the knife neuralgia, pain in the form of electric shock may result. Intensity of the pain until the patient can be difficult to breathe. Inflammation of the diaphragm muscle that separates the abdomen and chest cavity, we give the name of the pleural membrane surrounding the lungs may cause inflammation of the chest pains again.

Over-growing masses of the abdomen, gas, making upward pressure can cause chest pain. During various diseases of the esophagus or chest pain may occur.
Caused inflammation of the lung, pneumonia and tuberculosis, especially to the side that hit during the chest pain occurs. All of these periods, as well as lung and esophagus cancers, particularly advanced can cause very severe pain.

Pain Caused by Heart and Circulatory System

Heart and circulatory system to form a whole. Especially heart arteries, hardening of the arteries and veins in the arm and leg vein obstruction seen in more areas. The three regions affected due to circulatory system more than the absence of auxiliary vessels. Disorders occurring in the region to other regions is offset by other vessels. The patient does not hear a significant inconvenience. However, heart, arm and leg veins of the changes in the irrigated areas of these vessels is felt in a much shorter period of time.
Heart and circulatory system of blood to the body task. Provide other essential nutrients and oxygen to the tissues as blood and tissue after use of these nutrients is now collecting and cleaning of waste has become a poison. If the district did not go to a zone and fed enough blood to stay there, as well as toxic residues that cause tissue damage. Lack of oxygen in blood and destruction caused,shows the head in the form of pain.

The blood, the body is moved to the artery, called tubules. These veins occur in three layers. Thin layer in contact with the innermost layer of blood. In the blood of the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets (blood stamps) is in contact with this layer. Normal, healthy people, the inner side of the vessel glue! These elements. Constantly in motion a variety of mechanisms to prevent sticking.

However, adhesion to the surface of blood vessels and cause a lot depending on the build-up can begin. This accumulation is called a clot. In this vein clots gradually covering the surface of the thickening of blood vessels. Thus, the old vessel loses its elasticity. This occurs when the arteries that we call. Even more fully developed blood vessels can cause clogging of the arteries. Many factors have been implicated in vascular hardness. Excessive fatty foods, smoking, excessive stress, depending on factors such as blood chemistry, and these substances are adequately vessel blockage leads to accumulation.

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