Showcase Disease (angina Pectoris)

Development of Cardiac pain, Chest Pain

Other organs such as the heart's own blood vessels (coronary arteries) and this is fed from the blood vessels. The changes in these veins occur in two ways. The first vessels to the heart is the development of hardening of the arteries and slow contraction. Accordingly, the blood starts to receive less and less. The patient was at rest does not attract much discomfort. Pain when walking increases. This disease is called angina pectoris or a showcase. As the sudden occlusion of other vessels to the heart. Is called a heart attack or myocardial infarction. Even in this case the patient develops a sudden lost their lives may lead.

Featured disease or angina Pectoris

Angina refers to the Latin drowning. That is no longer the heart of the arteries to the heart, depending on enough oxygen remains at the heart. After 30 years of age in men, women, and later as it occurs less frequently. Obesity, diabetes, excessive smoking and genetic features are responsible for this disease.

This causes the arteries to the heart as a result of the accumulation of various substances in blood vessels narrow over time. Enough blood can not go to the heart becomes. Enough blood in the blood can not go to the heart of the heart and other parts of the body in other regions, resulting in oxygen free to leave. While the status of the patient at rest. However, when an extra job, walk the stairs when the heart's capacity is becoming insufficient. Depending on the waste materials accumulated in the heart muscle again cleared by the blood. These substances accumulate enough to fulfill the task because of the heart. This accumulation occurs as a pain. Angina pain is very severe, a pain which is similar to the feeling of drowning. Felt in the middle of the breast. Through listening to the patient. Patients with this type of pain, such as making certain not to showcase the looks on the road is called showcase disease. Pain left arm, back, shoulder and neck and jaw hit. Some patients can hit the right shoulder. Before the patient's self-protection is the prevention of angina. Transient periods of relaxation can be achieved with a variety of vasodilator drugs. In patients suffering from very high heights of up to by-pass may be required.

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