Gastric and duodenal ulcer

Meaning of the word as a means of ulcers open wound. Degradation in the stomach and duodenum depending on the integrity of gut tissue covering the inner surface of the ulcer may develop. Alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of caffeinated foods, unbalanced diet, eating a lot, and some drugs can accelerate the development of ulcers.

Stomach ulcers can occur in almost any age. It is very central in the elderly. Rate for women and men equally. 1-1.5 hours after a meal begins at the top of the abdomen pain. Pain, as well as loss of appetite, weight loss and nausea are mild. The patient shows up on the sore area full belly. Pain initially occurs at regular intervals. Then painful periods, becomes permanent. In the last part of the intestine duodenum ulcers of the stomach before the stomach can cause blockages. In this case, after dinner patients. Some of stomach ulcers can cause damage by boring in the neighboring organs such as the pancreas.

Duodenal ulcers in the center of the Hub's abdomen or right side of rib pain causes. The pain may spread to the waist. You are too young and middle-aged adults, and men. In contrast to gastric ulcer occurs when hungry. Pain at regular intervals and the watch will last for a few days until a few weeks. Meanwhile, there are periods of pain for months. Especially in the spring increases. Smoking, alcohol, acidic foods can aggravate the pain. There is pain, as well as indigestion. Nausea and vomiting are rare.

In the past years the stomach and duodenal ulcers treated by a surgical method to be part of the organ ulcers, complete healing is possible today with drug therapy. A bacterium that causes ulcers as a result of the investigations made ​​it possible to determine the drug treatment. These bacteria make antibiotics ineffective, with drugs that reduce stomach acid secretion as a result of the use of ulcer recover fully.

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