Gallbladder Disease and Gallbladder Pain

Depending on the stone as a sudden obstruction of the biliary system, gallbladder inflammation or stones in the upper right abdomen pain in one quarter of the Hub's style leads to severe itching. This pain may radiate to back and right shoulder.

More frequently seen in middle-aged women in particular. There is pain, as well as nausea and vomiting. Mild fever can be seen in inflammation of the gallbladder. There are significant indigestion.

With the pain of gallstones, as well as the sudden blockage of bile ducts may develop jaundice, urine color darkens. The color of stool opens. In such cases, the patient must be immediately operated. Gallstones or inflammation of the treatment is usually surgical. Method of gallbladder operations are now almost always closed, as is done laparoscopically. In some patients, the pain and indigestion after gallbladder continues. Especially after eating, nausea, vomiting, pain in the head with the show. There are in operation to suppress the sensitivity. The pain will continue as if the same had the gall bladder. Some patients may be caught gallbladder taken certain treatment. Do not take this pain is unclear at present in HECM. Is more common in women.

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