What is Appendicitis

The last section of the small intestine called the cecum of appendicitis appendix section at the end of the so-called inflammation of the building. Appendicitis can be seen at any age. But the most common ages are between 10-30 years of age. The most common cause of emergency surgery in children.

Before the development of inflammation with blunt, moderate and continuous pain starts. For a period of 3-5 hours before the pain is felt around the navel. Later in the lower right abdomen. Manual examination of the extreme sensitivity of this region is observed. abdominal wall. There are slight fever.

All profits for the explosion of the progression of the inflammation surrounding the appendix and cause severe pain. Developed as a sudden and severe stomach pains in the lower right corner of the holding should be considered the first cause must be appendicitis. This is extremely dangerous to give pain relief in such cases. Diagnosis before giving pain relief and other initiatives required to facilitate the patient is required. Otherwise, the whole stomach inflammation appendix bursts and then spread to the whole body.

Standard treatment of appendicitis is surgery. Today, many centers closed laparoscopic surgery for appendicitis is applied.

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