Pancreatic Disease and Pancreatic Pain

Pancreatic enzymes help digestion and secretes hormones such as insulin is a very important vital organ. Life-threatening diseases. Painful conditions caused by inflammation of the pancreas, pancreas, and pancreatic cancer.
Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), sudden and sustained changes depending on the pain occurs.

Presence of gallbladder stones extreme obesity, excessive alcohol consumption may develop due to causes such as inflammation of the pancreas. On the belly around the navel, and there are very severe and constant pain. Half of cases, waist pain, back and groin strikes. The patient can not lie on her back, then sits on stops. Cases of sudden onset of fever, heart rate has accelerated. The pain from time to time in HECM-watching knows. Waist belt in the style of the basic features of the pain of pancreatitis.
Pancreatic gland cancer pain occurs in the same manner. Inflammation of the pancreas gland to carry the continuity of pain and jaundice gradually increase the difference. Rapidly increasing pain, as well as weight loss, loss of appetite are other symptoms.

Very severe pain and relief of pain caused by pancreas that is not easy. Powerful opioid painkiller drugs used in treatment mode. Many patients taking these drugs by mouth is not enough. Especially in patients with pancreatic cancer in the abdominal aorta and celiac ganglion in front of a nerve, called an interventional method based on a ball of pain cut message. This process gives very good results in the implementation of early stage pancreatic cancer and the pain subsides significantly. More advanced cancer patients are placed in the spinal cord GUIDE morphine pain pumps fitted.

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