Daily Headache

Every human being suffers headaches from time to time. Headache is not always apparent reason or due to illness. The term used to describe this pain, chronic daily headache.

% 30-40-day chronic headache clinics creates headache patients. Many of the previously diagnosed with migraine and migraine treatment was applied incorrectly. However, for patients who did not see this express treatment. More than half of these patients almost every day in an uncontrolled manner indicate that they are using pain relief medication. All the drugs without medical supervision, such as the indiscriminate use of painkiller drugs, unwanted consequences. This is the most important reason for coming to be a daily headache in patients with excessive use of painkillers. When there is pain relief headache occurs. Therefore, this type of headache, analgesic (pain reliever), also called the withdrawal headache.

Patients with headache almost every day. Does not get up the morning pain is noticed. The type and location of pain varies. Pain with nausea, fatigue, sleep disturbances, impaired memory and concentration may occur.

Chronic daily headache patients are generally applied to various doctors and various treatments applied to the necessary studies have been performed unnecessarily, or treatment, and shaped them.

Discontinuation of the drugs used in treatment under medical supervision is required, along with drugs for a while by cutting the head encountered increasing. During this period, the patient pain relief drug withdrawal symptoms may occur because physicians would propose to eliminate use of various drugs.

Another point to note is the excessive use of uncontrolled pain relieving medication, particularly the digestive system and kidneys can give serious damage to the body. Both the day to get rid of headaches as well as uncontrolled use of drugs to protect against this damage must be terminated under medical supervision.

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