Headaches from Neck

Contrary to popular belief the initial headaches or other structures in the brain caused by all the time. Head and neck pain originated long before the thought, discussed for many years and in 1983, (neck origin) headache medicine was put into the term.

The back of the neck or head of the nerve root, bone, muscle, joint and disc like structures provide a variety of symptoms in the form of headache disorders.

Pain in principle a unilateral headache. However, instead of disorders in the neck and on both sides according to the degree of pain may occur. Neck movements in various directions, limitation of movement, pain in head and neck movements discovery of a variety may be present.

In patients suffering from headache, stiff neck sports, head and neck trauma (for example, traffic accidents) are often found in history. Even a traffic accident in the form of a simple multiplication will cause headaches later welded to a neck damage. In such a case, the head whips back and forth to move quickly as to create damage.
The severity and duration of pain varies from patient to patient. The pain usually starts in the neck, a non-throbbing and stinging character. Nausea, sensitivity to light and sound obvious, such as migraine headaches occurring in the neck can be seen in some of these symptoms, less frequent and less characterized. But unfortunately, as many types of headaches, neck and welded in the wrong as a migraine headache patients have been treated and received the treatment of migraine.

From the neck headache treatment

Limited to pain relief medications for the treatment provided. Physiotherapy providing relief for neck movements and neck muscle contractions are known to benefit by addressing.

The most effective method of treatment in the neck and the nerves that transmit pain, radio frequency thermo coagulation method is blocked. Among them, the most specific to the movements of the neck and cervical spine joints called facet joints located between the nerves.

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