Cluster Headache

Cluster headache around the eye or from behind, a very severe one-sided headache. There are the typical characteristics of cluster headache. The pain comes in the form of attacks. Usually in the morning or after sleeping for 3-5 hours almost every day, such as alarm clock set to begin at a specific time. One-sided and very severe pain. Most around the eyes, behind the eye felt. With headache, eye redness, injection, tearing, runny nose and congestion, forehead and facial sweating, eyelid swelling and impairment can be found in the eyelid. Very severe pain crises in these 15 minutes - 3 hours it takes. After that, the patient begins to relax again in minutes. These attacks can be seen several times a day or every other day as possible.

Cluster headaches can last several weeks and months will be in the form of crises. One lasted a few months has period. Crises often takes 4-8 weeks. Also vary up to 1 week to 12 months.

Cluster headache in patients suffering from excessive expansion of the initial vessels are pointing to some of the findings. However, because of this pain is unclear. Alcohol and tobacco consumption is known to increase the frequency and severity of attacks of cluster headache. In addition, during change of seasons, the cluster headache patients who are suffering more pain. Stress as a factor in triggering the pain threatens ill.

Cluster headaches more common in men over the age of 30 sees. Also increased the frequency of head trauma or undergoing surgery earlier. Gastric ulcer and cardiovascular disease in women than in men with migraine than any previously seen and understood.

Doctor's diagnosis of headache will help to place. Type and time of attacks is very important, so it should be kept a headache diary. During the attack, in which a person with the patient during an attack the patient's doctor can help by telling how it looks and how it behaves. A doctor telling the patient what he does not hesitate to cut the pain during an attack (such as his head hit the walls or furniture). This behavior is common, such as a doctor to tell them how much severe pain that will help you to understand.

Cluster Headache Treatment

Treatment to reduce the severity of pain during attacks and a variety of drugs available to prevent attacks such as the formation of sphenopalatine ganglion blockade in patients resistant to drug therapy and stellate ganglion block can be applied, such as nerve blocks.
Cluster during periods of bright light, alcohol, behaviors that would lead to stress and excitement should be avoided. They may intensify attacks.

Should be away from cigarettes and tobacco to respond to drug treatment may prevent cluster headaches. Patients should avoid activities that harm them during an attack.

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