Tension Headache

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. Changes in environmental factors, excessive load of responsibility, frustrations, familial and economic problems as a result of significant changes in human life, such as the face, head and neck muscles caused by the constant stress of severe headache. The initial contraction of the muscles or stress or discomfort in the neck, sitting in the same position for a long time, such as traffic accidents may be due to a shock or depression.

Many times the patient puts on his own diagnosis of migraine. However, the mechanism of migraine and tension headache is a very different way in terms of treatment are discussed. When searching for a quiet nook in patients with migraine patients suffering from tension headaches they want to go around View the exact opposite. Unlike migraine, tension headache does not hold a single region. It is a common course. Day progresses, exacerbated. Goes on for hours. Visual impairment and other symptoms of migraine pain may precede the headache is tension. Tension headache head, neck and shoulder region muscles exerting pressure trigger points that cause the emergence of referred pain (trigger points) the emergence of a significant finding. Tension headache is the most important feature of the compressor is usually a pain in the neck region and in the form of rising up the hill. Patients often describe the form of compression, such as the status of the head from the mangle. Headaches, sleeping too much or too little, eating too much or too little, consume more alcohol, exposure to excessive noise, excessive work and other health problems may be triggered.

A lot of headache patients, as well as a burning sensation in particular, felting, findings such as tenderness to the touch occurs. In addition, concentration difficulties, pain may be accompanied by symptoms such as insomnia. Nausea or vomiting may occur. But it's often not as severe as migraine. Another important point of migraine and tension-type headache sometimes together. Even when a patient suffering from migraine pain can also occur in the tension-type headache and tension-type headache symptoms can pass more to the fore. In this case, the shape of headache patients, the duration and frequency of expression are changed.

Treatment of Tension Headache

Treatment of important steps have been taken in recent years. Pain relievers and muscle relaxants, as well as drugs are highly effective drugs used against depression.

Drugs as well as various non-drug methods have been used frequently in the control of headaches. Psychological interventions such as relaxation training is at the beginning of these methods. Patients are taught how to relax. This method is very effective, especially in the treatment of muscle contraction headaches.
Pain refractory to medical treatment and relaxation training of head, neck and shoulder area of the trigger points are determined by several injections to control pain in muscles and thus easing the path to get there.

Tension-type headache prevention

Identify situations that increase stress and is important to stay away from them.
To do this, if necessary, psychological counseling service based relaxation
techniques learned.
Regular exercise and adequate sleep and regular complaints will decline. Another important point is to eat regular meals.
Preserves a sense of humor and tension headache in people facing life positively
pain is less common.

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