What is Spastic Colitis

Spastic colitis is one of the world's most common diseases. Abdominal pain and abdominal cramps are characterized with changes in bowel function. Feeling of swelling in the abdomen, diarrhea, constipation, gas pain, accompanying symptoms. Most patients want to talk about this disease and conceal. Therefore, applicants are much higher than the physician resort to IBS patients. Very large majority of those with spastic colitis disease course followed by a slight illness. Only a small proportion of patients with severe symptoms are seen too.

Spastic colitis, inflammatory intestinal disease or other organic amendment is not. In addition, some patients with this disease do not result in cancer, such as fear. However, spastic colitis is a chronic problem. Symptoms can occur even after a period of re-exacerbation of the disease in this way and take periods of extinction. But sometimes is seen in complete remission.
Spastic colitis is done to eliminate the symptoms due to treatment is not known exactly. Many of the patients diet and disease can be controlled with lifestyle changes and stress avoidance. However, severe cases of the disease need to get professional help by contacting a doctor.

Nutrition as a change in the consumption of fiber foods will help more. In addition, discontinuation of acidic drinks will reduce gas complaint.

Constipation, diarrhea, gas, various medications available for complaints. They should be advised by a doctor when needed.
Spastic colon in the treatment of abdominal pain due to painkiller drugs have no place in the classic. Such drugs can not go beyond the situation even worse. Antidepressant drugs can be used to eliminate pain. In addition to coping with stress may also be useful to receive psychological counseling service.

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