Diaphragm Hernia

Hernia of an organ or a tissue in the body cavity through a piece of the appearance of an area that should be out of place. Can occur in many types of abdominal hernia. Aperture diaphragm hernia of the esophagus as a result of relaxation of the hole exceeds the upper part of the stomach consists of the passing of the chest cavity.
Diaphragm hernia is a common condition. Is one quarter of people over the age of 50. Is more common in women and obese people.

Diaphragm hernia does not cause any complaints. Another chance will not come out as a result of the tests may not be any symptoms. Small hernias are not painful, the pain of those who fled to create stomach acid into the esophagus.

The drugs used in the treatment of reflux symptoms, causes improvement. However, large diaphragm hernia should be surgically corrected.

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