Nursing diagnosis: impaired social interaction, or in connection with a feeling expressed in social situations, self-concept disturbance

It is obvious from
Unwillingness to participate in social events
The minutes of discomfort with others

Desired outcomes / evaluation criteria, the client
Social commitment
ERP awareness of the feelings that lead to poor social interaction.
Engage in positive changes in social behavior and interpersonal relationships.

Nursing interventions on the ground:
Review of the first models of family relationships and social behavior.
Background: Social interaction is mainly taught in the original family. If the models are sufficiently identified to negotiate a change is introduced.

Encourage customers second, feelings and perceptions must be addressed.
Background: Helps identify the reasons for the problems in dealing with others, such as feeling unloved and unlovable, and insecure about sexuality.

Evaluation of the third client use of coping skills and defense mechanisms.
Background: May coping skills that are useful in weight loss. Security used to one person may contribute to feelings of loneliness and isolation protection.

4th List of client behavior that causes discomfort.
Justification: Identify the specific problems and propose measures that can be used to making changes.

5th Engage in role play for new ways of behaviors or situations to address.
Background: The creation of a new behavior, a person to be comfortable with them in a safe condition.

Discuss the sixth negative self-image and self-talk like: "Nobody wants a fat man," Who will speak for your interest in me "?
Background: It can affect positive social interaction.

7th Promoting the use of positive self-talk, as you said, "I'm fine" or "I love social work and can not be controlled by what other people think or say."
Background: positive strategies for increasing the feeling of comfort and support efforts for change.

8th Referring to the current family or individual therapy, as indicated.
Rationale: Clients benefit from participation in the SE support and encouragement given.

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