Laser and Ozone Treatment

Every day, the last points in the emerging laser dentistry today, and ozone therapy. Patients filled with a white light ray device (light gun), it is a laser. They say that they often fill the margins of the laser. But this tool is just filler used halogen bulbs freeze. Speaking of nothing to do with lasers. Real laser instead of filling the cavity laser device is used for cleaning tools roar back. The patient and doctor to wear special glasses. According to doctors the ability to eliminate pain and hurt will be removed. Laser is a pure decay, root canals, and all activities that were used gum.

Channel and rotten teeth in the channel fill, and killing all the bacteria are completely sterile.

Just a simple e-decay is now used in almost all deep holes.

Typically, cleaning tools, we have a little bite a piece of healthy tissue, but weak and the laser used is just not cool enough for hard tissue, tooth fragments removed unnecessary items is wasted.

Giving a very successful outcome of primary teeth. The last layer of the teeth of permanent teeth, baby teeth are very thin. A small core group of caries can be achieved, including cleaning, laser and less experience with this problem and a high success rate for complete sterilization is provided.

Use of equipment is very expensive, have the right to use foreign doctors to specialist courses. In other words, the cost of physician and patient are high, but worth it. Pirates can not dare to make such a laser clinic or guarantee you a real doctor in the face of the application.

Ozone in the field of cosmetic procedures are often the last time I hear the same logic, is actually ozone. Cosmetic skin with minerals lost due to lost youth, and rot your teeth at work. A special device to tooth structure using ozone caries bacteria to be destroyed. Arina microbes almost entirely of tooth decay, according to the mineral re-collapse and decay are fully recovered within 4-12 weeks. Ozone therapy is considered more resistant to tooth decay. Expensive, not very often. Large cavities are not effective. Small start-up of rotten teeth and weight loss bears no good results.

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