Pancreatitis, acute and chronic inflammation are potential necrosis of the pancreas that. Pancreatitis to tissue damage caused by activation of proteolytic and lipolytic false pancreas duodenum usually capitalized word to avoid. Proteolytic false, in turn, trypsin, elastase and phospholipase proteins break; lipolytic break fake fat. Fake car Digestion reason (in addition to acinar cells and tissue cells, Iceland), the leakage of fluid that false and the surrounding tissues. The pancreas can return to normal after an attack of acute pancreatitis with a successful treatment or disease can develop into a chronic inflammation and disease.

Mortality of people with acute pancreatitis is as high as 15% but in patients with severe disease may reach 30%, especially if people multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) develop. In chronic pancreatitis is in the process of liquidation. Precipitation of proteins causes pancreatic damage. Edema and swelling of the injuries and loss of acinar cell death, which usually produces digestive enzymes. Normal cells are replaced by fibrosis and necrosis. How Car Digestion dying process progresses, the pancreas cells die wall, around which the fluid contains false and necrotic debris. These pseudocysts can rupture the death of the stomach and surrounding tissue, leading to complications of infection, abscesses and fistulas. Pancreatic islet cell death may be damaged or destroyed by the word, leading to diabetes. Other complications include excessive bleeding and shock, pancreatic acute respiratory distress syndrome, atelectasis, pleural effusion, pneumonia, paralytic ileus, a rare form of cancer.

Three factors that cause premature enzyme Setup. Cause mechanical rotation, the pancreatic duct injury and obstruction caused by gallstones migrate into the mold tube bile, the reflux of stomach tubes to death, cancer, radiation ulcers, inflammation. Metabolic causes due to changes in the processes of death, the secretory acinar cells in the region revolves alcoholism (90% of cases), diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperlipidemia, hypercalcemia, and medications (acetaminophen, estrogen). Other causes include infections (mumps, hepatitis B, Coxsackie viral infection) and ischemic damage caused by lupus erythematosus, cardiac bypass surgery, post-transplant complications of a stroke.

Nursing plan of study results and physical examination
Get a detailed history of alcohol consumption. Right to family history of pancreatitis, history of the external abdominal trauma, surgery, cancer, recent bacterial infection in the liver and gastrointestinal. Get a detailed profile of prescription drugs and medications floor. Research into the incidence and severity of symptoms. Patients often take care of serious health Boons Color abdominal pain, like knife described as arrogant, times and death midepigastrium deep in the umbilical region. Pain may radiate to the dorsal side of the die, to die, that the coastal margins. Pain begins 12-48 hours alcohol, death with stones associated with pancreatitis can avoid large vet food. Nausea and suspension in 90% of cases.

NEW acutely ill appearance anxiety, fear and emotional behavior. Some confusion and conflict when the shock comes from the hypoxia response. Winds are often fast and flat. Now you can assume the fetal position, where the children abdominal pain. , Will you notice spots on the skin of jaundice. You can see the blue color of the buttocks of death (Grey Turner sign) and umbilical (symbol Cullen), showing blood accumulation in these areas. Leather can be cold and sweating. You should also be noted that gross tremor as a sign of calcium to download. Other findings are tea-colored urine foam (which indicates die presence of bile), and gray, a bad season, sparkling pale stools chaotic die vet. Palpate Ascultate dying of stomach and intestines to seek a drum sound, which is a common finding in patients with pancreatitis. Palpated have extreme abdominal tenderness, bloating, safety and durability. Ascites and tenderness of the return is in serious condition. If you die tapping stomach stomach tympani. The new sections unstable vital signs. During the period of pain, hypertension may die new word, but as hypovolemic shock in the terminal stage of progress, the fall in blood pressure. Patients usually have a faster heart fast, thready pulse, respiration and reduces the noise from the lower units die as a result of shallow breaths, abdominal pain and a larger size.

Assess the new anxiety and coping skills coupled with the demands of death acute care environment and sudden illness. Patients with chronic pancreatitis need help with a sense of hopelessness and apathy that death resulting from chronic pain, and general weakness. Assess the changes in family roles and work responsibilities. index.php Alcohol is necessary.

The primary nursing diagnosis, a plan for nurses: pain (acute chronic) in relation to inflammation, swelling, peritoneal inflammation.

Care plan interventions and treatment
The immediate goal of treatment is to control the inflammation of the pancreas decrease. Moisture loss in the death of the retroperitoneal space as 4.12 L with a serious illness. The volume of the fluid-filled fluid lactate Ringer runs normal human serum albumin, blood volume is used to recover and preventing hypovolemic shock. Normal human serum albumin is often used as an airplane Download albumin leads to a loss of osmotic pressure die die vascular system. less than 1 ml / kg per hour is a sign of hypoperfusion: Can the clock cycle needs of Member States to look. Your doctor may insert a catheter pulmonary hemodynamic monitor the adequacy of death, that volume and cardiac output determined. Sepsis and shock patients who respond to the volume of fluid replacement and may be hypovolaemic. This complication really parenteral vasoactive drugs. Hypocalcemia is a common disturbance of the electrolyte imbalance that pancreatic necrosis and the actual replacement of calcium guides. This may lead to arbitrary, convulsions, respiratory complications, heart attacks and change. Magnesium deficiency is often true, hypocalcemia and should be replaced. Loss of potassium from the brake fluid loss can die third cycle, acidosis, renal failure and can lead to ventricular arrhythmia. Become control of blood sugar levels, as part of the renal profile and put your finger Stokke every 6 hours, an alternate who exogenous insulin. Support includes controlled breathing oxygen through a variety of ways, including mechanical ventilation. Because of the shortness of breath and die risk of laryngospasm, endotracheal intubation may die were closed positions expiratory pressure, pressure-controlled inverse ratio ventilation and inhaled the expiratory ventilation (increased inhalation time), the word.

The goal of treatment is that the release of pancreatic juice is false, which stops the inflammation to diminish is deceased. Inflammation leads to nerve irritation and pain. Take the pain assessment and restart every 4 hours with pain assessment as the number of narcotic analgesia required rotation. Bed rest is important for basal metabolism, which in turn reduces the secretion of the pancreas. Insert a nasogastric tube for intermittent suction contributes to the achievement of this goal is to kill the plant closing to occur in the duodenum to die. Nothing (NGOs) the status of FMD is strictly enforced, no ice chips and sips of water during the acute phase die. Nutritional support for the repair of damaged cells from the pancreas of a defined total parenteral nutrition within 3 days after the onset of death, which initiates the acute phase.

Surgery may be the word for die treatment of complications of pancreatic necrosis words. Treatments include pancreatic resection Eksenterasie pancreatic debridement and removal of obstacles (gallstones). This treatment to remove stones that early endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and sphincterotomy. Peritoneal lavage is a word used for patients who may respond to intensive treatment after three days, but significantly decreased the incidence of complications and mortality.

During this phase of acute pancreatitis, focusing on continuous monitoring and training. See what's new pain intensity, location, characteristics and determinants exacerbate or relieve pain. Regular doses of painkillers current word. Other measures include: comfort die attitude which the new knee-chest position, stress reduction and relaxation. A quiet environment, but also start diversional activities. See what's new permanent respiratory disease. The new economy is strong Fowler deceased long extension of the improvement and use of other mechanisms to improve gas exchange. In May, New emergencyintubation maintain intubation equipment nearby in case of accidental or laryngospasm occur. The risk of transport is better than the new hyperventilating. Maintaining a quiet environment, and the constant presence of drugs help the patient breathe easy.

Then remove the feeding tube, which develops more slowly than liquid foods rich in calories and low in fat. During the period immediately agree to pay the small portions. Explain that food and drink caffeine, spicy foods, avoid heavy meals and stimulates the secretion of the pancreas. Develop a realistic weight for the win. Help with diet for use in planning the weekly menu to the specific needs and constraints of the new diet die.

Nursing guidelines for discharge planning and home care
Prevention, which means that the removal of the initial phase suggests. As with alcohol-related diseases, supporting the importance of remembering death and related links. New to learn what the first signs of relapse and death when the doctors recognize the connection may indicate. Highlighting the importance of aftercare. Life, rationale, activities and new dosage effects of all prescribed medications. New Order prescribed pancreatic enzyme replacements or immediately after meals and swallowed whole by an arrogant and hot liquids die coating suspended. When a new word is added to the requirement for constant insulin injections must die for new families and shows that the injection technique, and the process control of blood sugar die. Provides logging and show how arrogant the entry of glucose and insulin doses are stored. Patients with pancreatic endocrine loss potloodjie really broad stream of diabetes education after the release on another fake if necessary. New enforcement system should contact the clinic doctor, especially SuproNet hyperglycemic control.




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