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Pain anus, rectum, pain

At the beginning of the diseases that cause pain hemorrhoids anal hemorrhoids income. The last section of intestine, constipation and straining hemorrhoid veins are usually due to causes such as the expansion depends on the constant. Normally, as a result of inflammation, pain or sudden blockage of the hemorrhoids may be painful. The pain increases during defecation. Sometimes the bleeding may also occur. That bind to cancer patients immediately. However, often depends on the hemorrhoid. If the blood vessels expanding surgical removal of the arrow Adygeyan drugs must flow.
Patients with suspected bowel laziness to avoid hemorrhoid, constipation must be protected. Many patients change their habits if the stools are free of surgical intervention.

Another cause of the pain arising from the intestine from the rectum, the last part still depends on the cracks. These cracks cause pain during defecation. Sometimes very severe pain in the anus that cause abscesses can develop.

In addition, large intestine and rectum in the last bowel cancer can cause pain.

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