Disturbed Thought Processes | Anorexia/Bulimia

Nursing diagnosis: impaired thought processes associated with severe malnutrition, disruption of electrolyte imbalance, low sense of psychological conflict, self esteem, lack of control

It is obvious from
Failure of decision making, problem solving
Non-reality based verbalizations
The idea of ​​reference
Altered sleep can sleep (up to binge and purge the height) and get up early
Change your concentration, forgetfulness
Perceptual disorders fail hunger, fatigue, anxiety, depression and recognition

Desired outcomes / evaluation criteria, the client
Distorted thought control
ERP understand the causal factors and increasing disability.
To demonstrate behavior or to prevent malnutrition.
Show the ability to better decisions and solve problems.

Nursing interventions on the ground:
Note the first customer disturbed mind.
Background: This caregiver realistic expectations of our customers the necessary information and support.

2nd Yes, but avoid the cause of the irrational and illogical thinking. The current reality concise and brief.
Background: It is difficult to answer if you think the power is logical physiologically reduced. The customer has to actually hear, but demanding customers leads to mistrust and frustration. Note: Even if the customer can get the weight, he or she can continue the fight against the attitudes and behaviors characteristic of eating disorders, depression and addiction.

3rd Strict diets.
Justification: Improved nutrition is essential for a better brains.

4th Show electrolytes and renal function tests.
Justification: The imbalance of the negative effects on brain function and must be improved before therapeutic interventions can begin.

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