What is Virtual Endoscopy

Endoscopic technique for the conversion to a 3D-like images. Technical, particularly in sections which are difficult to assess the display of hollow organs and tubular structures, the internal surfaces in a continuum to show the reader the chance to intervene to recognize the interactive, multi-angle viewing option, and 3 to assess the perception of size and providing convenience.

CT virtual endoscopy studies in the field for the first time researchers have been submitted by Vining and colleagues tracheobronchial system, both the colon, bladder and the first studies related to the limited number of patients presented. Later developments in the software program and the detector system defined by the routine use of imaging techniques have become possible. The diagnostic value of the virtual endoscopic imaging is still controversial, however, some applications are carried out more than an academic purpose. Application area of radiological examinations in the virtual, virtual laryngoscopy, virtual bronchoscopy, virtual colonoscopy, virtual cystoscopy, virtual Angioscopy, a virtual display of the paranasal sinuses and middle ear, stomach and small intestine for the applications.

These benchmarks and real applications, which is routinely used in the virtual bronchoscopy, colonoscopy and cystoscopy included. Is actually a series of virtual endoscopic imaging with CT has become possible as a result of technical development. Among the most important role in the development of systems and slip-ring gantry geometry after the spiral scan. Thus, information derived from volume and 3D imaging has been made ​​with computer software developments.

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