What is the rectum

Anatomy of the rectum

12-15 cm in length, starting at the line of the inferior of the rectum drop out through the anus, the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. Anatomically; 1 / 3 upper, 1 / 3 medium and 1 / 3 sub-divided into sections including. In practice, each segment is assumed to be approximately 5 cm. The bottom part of the expanded form ampulla. Rectum, is the frontal and sagittal plane curves. Initially called flexure and on the way down following the curvature of the inner does.

Diaphragm through the pelvis forward continues. Anorectal junction of the intestine that is called external flexure. In addition to these, the rectum, leading to the right, middle left and bottom right again, three more shows curvature. The lower end of the anal canal, rectal muscular layer forms on the muscle. Unlike other segments of the colon rectum; Appendices, mesenteric. Rectum upper 2 / 3 of the peritoneum is covered by part of. Front and side portions of the upper sections, sub-section, only the front side is covered with peritonla. Peritoneal last section, bypassing the excavation men, women, by jumping the back wall of the vagina creates excavation. Expanded, the more evident the rectum, plica has called transverse folds.

Neighborhoods of the rectum

Posterior of the rectum 3, 4 and 5 sacral vertebrae, coccyx, the superior rectal artery and vein, priformis muscle, the sacral plexus, and levator ani muscles shows with the neighborhood.

Women, the rectum anteriorly, the peritoneum on the uterine folds, the upper part of vagina; excavation rectouterine and this segment is adjacent to the folds of the ileum. Under the peritoneal folds of the lower portion of the vagina makes the neighborhood. In men, the rectum anteriorly, and fundus of the bladder vesica seminal, ductus deferens, prostate, and is adjacent to the parts of the terminal ureters.

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