Follicular Thyroid Cancer

The second common type of thyroid cancer (15%). Female-male incidence of 3 to 1 and the average age is 50. More iodine is the poor regions. The only type of thyroid cancer associated with Dyshormonogenesis. Familial or Cowden Syndrome (transmitted as an autosomal dominant, where the characteristic skin lesions and a tendency to breast cancer syndrome) 's can also be seen as a part of. And ras oncogene activation may be induced by radiation. Ten-year survival rate of papillary thyroid cancer is lower, on average, 60-is 70%.

Unlike papillary thyroid cancer, vascular invasion is seen way. The most frequent foci of metastatic bone, liver and lungs. Regional lymph node metastases are rare.

Frequently observed multifocality, calcification, and there is little indication that desmoplastic reaction. Mature, healthy thyroid tissue, follicular adenoma resembles the distinction is difficult. Diagnosis of malignancy but is placed by the detection of vascular invasion or metastases.

Histopathologically, the distinction between follicular adenoma and to have a thick and irregular capsule, capsule invasion should be seen. Follicular cancers are divided into 2 groups according to the degree. Minimally invasive follicular cancers limited capsular and / or vascular invasion seen. Widely invasive follicular carcinomas of the capsular / vascular invasion, except surrounding soft tissues and / or blood vessels seen in the invasion. Shows the increase in the degree of vascular invasion increased aggressiveness on tumors.

Cell type of cancer called previously, the WHO classification of oncocytes variant of follicular cancer is called. % Of all thyroid cancers, creates 3-4 percent. The median age at diagnosis of making a 61, female-male ratio seen in the 6.5 to 3.5, tour. Usually solitary, encapsulated tumor of the full or almost full. Such as the potential for malignancy in follicular thyroid cancer with vascular or capsular invasion are measured. Invasion, lymph node metastases in distant organs and follicular thyroid cancer is more common. Tg, although it generates is not as high as iodine capture the classic, well-differentiated thyroid cancers.

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