Rectum Diseases

Diseases of the rectum

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Ulcerative colitis

After nearly 10 years of disease onset of colorectal cancer risk is increased gradually. Held for the length of the segment, is proportional to the risk of cancer (32). More poorly differentiated colorectal cancer causes. Higher rate than other cancers.

Crohn's Disease

Ulcerative colitis is less than the risk of developing cancer. However, the incidence of cancer 4-20 times greater than the normal population. Cancer is often inflamed, and fistula segment occurs. Delay in diagnosis are common and the mortality rate was reported to be approximately 80%.

Premalignant lesions

Tubular adenomas, villous adenomas, adenomas premalignant lesions. There are 4 main factors to determine the potential of adenomas of malignancy:

1. Size: 5-6 mm diameter of 1-2 cm in the absence of almost-almost no risk of 5%, There is a 10% risk over 2 cm.

2. Neck; sessile polyps malignancy role % 50 more, risk of polyps to transform into carcinoma is around 10%.

3. Villous structures; villous component increases, increases the potential for malignancy.

4. Dysplasia, dysplasia increases, the risk increases.

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