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According to the anatomical structure of normal skin, scalp, less porous and has more oil glands. At the bottom of each hair has a sebaceous gland duct. For this reason, the scalp lubricated and gets dirty very quickly.

The scalp, is also in direct contact with the dust and particles out of the dirty easily. Sweat in the sun too. Change is faster than the epidermis of the scalp. Settlement and growth of the body as well as other skin infections, parasites, head lice, and a suitable environment for the formation of fungal diseases.

Home-made hair care, soap, or a well-chosen head washed with shampoo rinse with plenty of water, enough for hair removal. Hair care is a clean brush and comb. Dirty brush and comb belonging to others and infection tool. Brushing your hair in the direction of the hair, scalp, improve blood circulation. Bottom of the well-fed so that the hair shed blood. Therefore the health of the skin by hand to massage the scalp, hair health is very important. Scalp, flexible, normal-fat, soft-as long as your hair's health is protected.

Adequate and balanced nutrition, hygiene, protection of the head from external influences, and direct sun rays, hair is extremely important in terms of health. Hair care methods, depending on these factors will impact.

Hair Care

Hair care, the psychological effect on the patient makes the hairs stand on a regular basis. Messy, tangled hair can cause patients despair. Because hair is very important in terms of aesthetic appearance of the face and head.

Daily hair care the patient relaxes. Minimizes the adverse effects of the disease. Hair is an important element to looking good.

Hair care with the necessary equipments for the following:

Women's and men's and for the comb, hair brush.

Hair care is made ​​for the following applications.

The patient is taken to one edge of the bed. The patient is laid on the towel. Hair combed. If necessary, connect.

Screening in women, after the split of the hair to the forehead in the middle of the head start.

Scan, a hand-held hair in bunches, and matted hair before. Lubricated. Waited for 24 hours and scanned. Washed after being shot.

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