What is Thyroid Papillary Cancer

The most common type of thyroid cancer (70-80%) with papillary thyroid cancer usually occurs 30-40 years of age and gender incidence is 1 to 3. More common in iodine-rich areas. The main type of cancer seen in children after exposure to radiation. Ret oncogene activation is located in the etiological factor.

Low malignant potential. With proper treatment, a 10-year survival of 80-90% (8). Tumor with cystic or solid, or encapsulated into the thyroid, the thyroid capsule, or may have spread to surrounding tissues. Macroscopic calcification and necrosis may occur. Microscopic papillary structures as a small, ground-glass appearance and is typical to see psammoma corpuscles. Desmoplasia reaction in tumors that are common.

The characteristic feature of lymph node infiltration. Can occur in more than 75% of the cases together, the prognosis is controversial effect. Distant metastases are uncommon (5-10%). If we see most often in the lungs, more rarely in the bones, liver and brain, is determined.

According to the WHO classification, papillary carcinoma, classical type, except there are some histopathological subtypes. These follicular, Oncocyte, clear cell, diffuse sclerosing, high-cell, columnar cell, and solid variants. ATA 2009 manual high-cell, columnar cell and diffuse sclerosing types is actually a worse prognosis. Cribriform cancer, papillary thyroid cancer in subgroups according to the same classification as adopted, with focal insular component of papillary cancers were evaluated separately.

The other group is assessed by the WHO classification of papillary separate headings. Under 1 cm, these tumors are incidentally detected papillary thyroid cancers are the most common. Invasion, as long as they did not carry an indication for ablation. Although multicentric iodine treatment should be given to the former guideline emphasized the ATA in 2009, the revised manual is frequent recurrences in this group, but iodine treatment this recurrences frequency reduce highlighted, For this reason, iodine treatment in this patient group was to be a certain indication.

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