Radiation, is the first in the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer. The most common form of exposure to therapeutic irradiation, and environmental disasters. As a result of radiation to cause DNA strand breaks, increases the potential for development of malignancy. After the Chernobyl disaster, the most important example of the increase in childhood thyroid cancer rates.

Oncogenes also play a role in the formation of thyroid cancer. As an example, point mutations (ret, ras, BRAF, p53 suppressor gene) and chromosomal gene mutation or re-arranging (ret / PTC, TRK, PAX8/PPARĪ“) can be given. ATA revised guide is recommended to use these molecular Pointers on prognosis and treatment selection.

In general, patients with thyroid cancer before the development of goiter, benign thyroid nodule, lymphocytic thyroiditis or Graves' disease is located. However, these diseases are predisposing factors for thyroid cancer has not been established yet.

Thyroid cancer incidence among women and men during puberty and menopause to be close to 1, but showing great variation in women of reproductive periods, hormonal and reproductive factors also shows that in the pathogenesis.

Replacement of iodine in iodine sufficient areas taken or papillary type, follicular type of thyroid cancer incidence in iodine-deficient areas in the role of diet in the pathogenesis shows.

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