What is stomach cancer, and neoadjuvant treatment

The role of neoadjuvant chemotherapy treatment, most research today is one of the areas. The main advantages of neoadjuvant therapy, around the time of surgery less tumor cell scattering and one measure of the sensitivity of the tumor with chemotherapy. The disadvantage is that treatment of early-stage tumors, too.

Cunningham et al. the British MAGIC (U.S. Medical Research Council Adjuvant Gastric Infusional Chemotherapy) work, setting new standards for has been an approach (51). Can be operated on stomach cancer patients, 3 cycles of chemotherapy treatment (ECF: epirubicin, cisplatin, 5-FU) followed by the initiation and post-operative patient to be operated in three cycles (ECF) chemotherapy, giving more than 23% to 36% overall survival and 5 yılllık rising (CI: 0.60-0.93, p = 0.009), and a better progression-free survival is obtained (CI: 0.53-0.81, p <0.001). In this study, which could affect operating results include the distal esophageal cancer patients, as well as endoscopic ultrasonography and staging criticized because of the lack of staging was suboptimal.

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