Foreign Body Aspiration

Tracheobronchial aspiration of foreign body in the system, manifesting during childhood is a common cause of respiratory problems. The most frequently seen between 1-3 years. Foreign bodies in children aged 1-3 years aspirasyonlarının indicated that 7% of fatal accidents. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential in order to prevent serious complications. Weather roads settled foreign bodies, air obstruction can cause death as a result of the way full.

Aspirasyonlarının foreign body to see a higher incidence in children between 6 months-3 years of age, children's tendencies to bring the objects in their mouths, playing games, running, crying presence of objects in their mouth, swallowing and airway cleaning mechanisms that have immature neuromuscular, a complete lack of development of teeth and jaw, larynx, and epiglottisin Not to have been due to the anatomical shape of the adult.

Herbal and chemical pneumonia in children with aspirated material usually gives an early finding. Diagnosis can be delayed reaction açmadıklarından over metallic objects. School-age children, aspiration of plastic materials, beads, rubber parts, beads, plastic toys may be parts.

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