Right Coronary Artery (RCA)

The right coronary artery, pulmonary trunk and right atrium from the right sinus out of the posterior inter ventricular septum moves toward the right atrioventricular groove. Conus artery, usually the first branch of the right coronary artery. However, in some cases with conus artery may originate directly from the aorta. Sometimes it makes LAD anastomosis from the artery and the conus in a dalla 'Vieussens ring' is called. Sinoatrial node artery supplying the sinus node. Sinus node artery, proximal RCA 60%, 40% are divided into the proximal LCX 10. Artery supplying the atrioventricular node in 80% of the RCA and CX produces a variety of 20% has been reported to have originated from RCA, then the right ventricle, left anterior free wall of the feed branches. This branch, then the right ventricle, leaving the middle and distal RCA branch junction, called the acute marginal branch.

PDA and PLV branches of the RCA distal to the right of movement is divided into the current. If the LAD artery that feeds the heart's apex is a small PDA, the anterior one-third of the inter ventricular septum can to feed the apex around branches. RCA, right ventricle and the front 2 / 3 of fame, the heart's right side, right atrium and the inter ventricular septum in the posterior 1 / 3 of feeds reputation.

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