Left Main Coronary Artery (LMA)

Left main coronary artery (LMA). Behind the left atrium from the pulmonary trunk and the left atrioventricular groove. Usually at the level of the atrioventricular groove in the LAD, LCX arteries are divided into two branches forming. In some cases, as a third branch of the ramus intermedius differs. Ramus intermedius branch, first diagonal branch of the LAD artery showed a similar pattern with the left ventricular anterior progresses. 0.41% of the cases' when the left main coronary artery is not available. In this case, the LAD and LCX arteries, the left coronary sinus with separate ostia is directly derived from the left sinus.

Drawing to the left anterior artery (LAD)

Pattern left anterior artery (LAD), the anterior inter ventricular groove ligaments. Cases in 1 / 3 third of the proceeds apex. LAD, left anterior free wall of the ventricle, inter ventricular septum and the anterior septal branches sends diagonal branches. These branches are called in order of output. LAD, the inter ventricular septum in the anterior 2 / 3 of fame, the anterior and lateral wall of the left ventricle, the anterolateral papillary muscle and right ventricle anteromediyal part 1 / 3 of 'fame feeds.

The left circumflex artery (LCX)

The left circumflex artery (LCX), left atrioventricular groove and left ventricular lateral watching wide-angle obtuse marginal (OM) sends branches. They are numbered according to the approximate order of the main branch. LCX, left ventricle and the anterolateral papillary muscle from the left edge of some of the feeds. In addition, the left atrium with atrial branch of the front, side and rear part of the feed. LCX's size varies according to whether or not dominant.

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